Local Implementation of the PPSM-21 Systemwide Update

What Has Changed

The Office of the President (OP) recently revised staff policy, Selection and Appointment - PPSM 21. The Policy section that has been revised relates to the disclosure of and response to prior conviction history per the “Ban the Box” legislation (AB 1008). Most notably, Livescan background checks are now required prior to appointment of candidates into positions responsible for performing critical functions. This does not apply to non-critical positions. The policy was effective January 1, 2018. Staff Human Resources (SHR) has modified our campus procedures to comply with these policy updates. The go live date for staff was September 17, 2018 and February 8, 2019 for students.

Staff Human Resources (SHR) shall now be solely responsible for the assessment and final determination of employment eligibility for candidates with potentially disqualifying information. SHR will not disclose the specifics or nature of potentially disqualifying information to hiring units at any point in the assessment, hiring, or employment processes. Hiring units are encouraged to continue reaching out to their top candidate to inform them of the next steps. The conditional offer comes from Staff HR for staff hires and the ER system for student hires. The background check cannot start until the conditional offer is made. Once the conditional offer prompts a background check and the results are subsequently received and assessed by SHR, the formal offer can then be extended. If the background check contains potentially disqualifying information (PDI), Staff Human Resources will determine the appropriate course of action and inform the hiring manager of the decision.

How this has been implemented on our campus is illustrated in the pages below:

  • Assessment Process
  • Employee Request (ER) System Changes
  • Livescan Form Changes
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Best Practices for Retaining Candidates

Stay in frequent contact with your candidate in order to prevent them from withdrawing candidacy during the Livescan receipt and assessment period. Remember that a delay in Livescan results does not always signify potentially disqualifying information, but could be related to a variety of regional and record retention factors. Reasons delays can occur can be due to poor fingerprint quality, incorrect data submitted on the electronic transaction, or the applicant living in different states.