Campus-Only Recruitment - Employee Process

About the Program

To support the career progress of qualified internal candidates, campus-only recruitments may be available to fill career vacancies. When applying to campus-only recruitments, current UC Santa Cruz employees will receive consideration for the position.

You are eligible to apply and receive consideration for referral to the hiring manager if you are a current UC Santa Cruz employee on the day you submit your application.

How it Works

  • Current UC Santa Cruz employees who wish to receive consideration for a campus-only recruitment must be actively employed on the day they submit their application and must apply during the internal recruitment initial review period.
  • Referrals for priority consideration will only be made if three or more qualified individuals apply. If fewer than three internal candidates apply, the external applicant pool will also be considered.
  • Recruitment will close without consideration of external candidates if the hiring manager selects an internal candidate.

How to Apply

It is very important that you are identified as a current UC Santa Cruz employee, so you must use the Internal Candidate Gateway to apply. If you apply to a campus-only recruitment via the External Candidate Gateway, you will not receive preferential consideration.

  • Go to, and select the Internal Applicant button to view the campus-only recruitments in the TAM Internal Candidate Gateway. The Internal Gateway is located in UCPAth, soyYou will need to log in with your CRUZ ID and gold password. New users will create an application and returning users should update all applicable areas of your application. [More about How to Apply].
  • Preparing a resume and customized cover letter is highly recommended.
  • Click the “Apply” button on the job posting and follow the instructions to submit your application and attach your resume and customized cover letter.

NOTE: If the position you are applying for is designated as a “Critical Position” and you are the selected candidate, you may be required to successfully complete a criminal history background check before you can begin in your new position. For more information regarding this policy please refer to Personnel Policies for Staff Members 21- Selection and Appointment (PPSM 21).