Change in Percent Time

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V. Process Overview: Career Positions- Voluntary Increase in Time (temporary or permanent)

  1. Employee:

    Submits request to supervisor to increase their time either temporarily or permanently

  2. Supervisor/Designee:

    Obtains appropriate approvals and ensures funding availability.Consults with Employee & Labor Relations (ELR) Analyst as appropriate.Documents the concurrence of the increase in time and presents a copy to the employee.Forwards the request to ELR Analyst for processing.

  3. ELR Analyst:

    Advises employee of potential changes to conditions of employment, inlcuding the hours of work and impact upon leave accrualsCompletes the appropriate data collection documentObtains written acknowledgement of the employee

  4. SHR Service Operations:

    Enters information into PPS. Refer to the PPS User Manual-Staff Actions-Change in Percent of Time (PCNT).Forwards documentation to PAN reviewer, if appropriate.

  5. SHR Pan Reviewer:

    Reviews funding change action and PPS OEU to ensure accuracy of action and adherence to policy.

Revised October 2008: A.11