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V. Process Overview: Career Positions- Voluntary Reduction in Time (temporary or permanent)

  1. Employee:

    Submits request to supervisor to increase their time either temporarily or permanently

  2. Supervisor/Designee:

    Obtains written request from employee that reflects the amount and duration of the time reduction.

    Consults with Employee & Labor Relations (ELR) Analyst as appropriate.

    Approves reduction in time and advises employee of conditions in employment including hours of work and duration of reduction in appointment.

    Forwards the request to ELR Analyst for processing.

  3. ELR Analyst:

    Determines if the increase in percent in time will affect certain benefits and entitlements to the employee such as:

    - Career status: Once an employee has attained career status in an appointment there is no minimum hour requirement to maintain career status and remain in the UCRS.

    - Benefits Eligibility: Once an employee has attained full health and welfare benefits, time on pay status must average at least 17.5 hours per week over a 12-month period to retain these benefits.

    - Vacation and Sick Leave Accrual Eligibility:  Eligibility for leave accrual is based upon appointment type, duration, and percent of appointment.

    Note: If an employee permanently reduces their appointment to less than 50%, they are no longer eligible to accrue vacation. They may accrue sick leave only. Accrued vacation may NOT be paid out until such time the employee separates from employment or is transferred, promoted, or demoted permanently to another University position that is not be eligible to accrue vacation.

    - Impact on Vacation and Sick Leave Accrual Rates: The amount of vacation and sick leave accrued per month is based upon appointment percent and the number of hours on pay status.

    Advises employee of potential changes to conditions of employment, including the hours of work and impact upon leave accruals.

    Completes the appropriate data collection document.

    Obtains employee’s written acknowledgment of conditions of employment.

  4. SHR Operations:

    Enters information into PPS. Refer to the PPS User Manual-Staff Actions-Change in Percent of Time (PCNT).

    Forwards documentation to PAN reviewer, if appropriate.

  5. SHR PAN Reviewer:

    Reviews funding change action and PPS OEU to ensure accuracy of action and adherence to policy.

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Revised October 2008: A.11