Instructions for Determining Cost Center Code

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The Cost Center code value we are asking you to provide for non-academic staff and student employee action requests is the level four org code associated with the payroll distribution funding for the action.

If you are unfamiliar with the campus org structure and need additional information on how to determine the level four org code, and thus the Cost Center code, associated with the funding for an employee action, follow the instructions below:

How to use the UCSC Org Hierarchy Report to determine Level Four Org/Cost Center Code:

  1. First, determine the six digit org code you would like to have associated with the employee payroll funding distribution.

  2. Next, access the UCSC Org Hierarchy Report (see instructions below on accessing this report).

  3. Once you have accessed the report, find the six digit org code related to the payroll funding distribution under the column labeled: Data Entry Org and Title.

  4. Finally, locate column labeled: Lvl4, that the Data Entry Org (six digit org code) roles up to. Use that four digit code as the Cost Center code value.

How to Access the UCSC Org Hierarchy Report:

The UCSC Org Hierarchy report is available through Infoview Financial Operating Report set, you may access the Chart of Accounts Org Hierarchy Report under the Financial Operating Report Set, within Corporate Categories Folder.