Data Elements of the Full Accounting Unit

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The Full Accounting Unit (FAU) contains a sequence of six data elements listed in the following order:

  1. Campus Location

    • This data element is the campus location code.
      The UCSC campus location code is the number 7.

  2. Account

    • This data element is otherwise known as the six digit org code, or data entry org code. For payroll purposes, this is the number of an account against which salary or wage expenses are charged.

  3. Cost Center

    • This data element is used to categorize employees to facilitate payroll and timekeeping for the PPS Online Payroll Time Reporting System (OPTRS).

  4. Fund

    • This data element indicates the fund source for the payroll distribution.

  5. Program Code

    • This data element is otherwise known as the activity code, and is often times left blank if no activity code is associated with the payroll distribution.

  6. Sub

    • This data element is a further sub-division of the account and fund, against which wages are charged. The codes which may be used for payroll purposes are typically, 0 - for academic salaries, 1 - for non-academic salaries, 2 - general assistance salaries.

A FAU on a distribution for a UCSC permanently funded, full-time career staff employee with all the data elements populated would look like this:


The Cost Center in this example is in bold.