Employee Request (ER) System User Impacts by Role

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I. The Hiring Supervisor

The Hiring Supervisor in the ER System is expected to ensure that data entered on a new Employee Request (ER) is accurate and includes the correct cost center value(s) in the funding field. Please enter the funding information in the order it appears in the Payroll Personnel System (see The Data Elements of the Full Accounting Unit (FAU for an example).

When running a recruitment off of an existing ER, provide the correct funding information, along with the cost center value(s) to your Staff Human Resources(SHR) Service Operations Specialist.

The Cost Center code value(s) used by SHR are based upon the level-four org code associated with the payroll distribution funding for the action.

Division or unit personnel (e.g., budget analyst, research accountant) who normally provide funding information can assist with the identification of cost center code.

II. The SHR Service Operations Specialist

The Service Operations Specialist is expected to ensure that cost center data is included when reviewing information on the funding tab within an ER.

Service Operations Specialists can modify an existing ER with the Quick Edit feature, which allows an existing ER to be edited and posted immediately without re-routing through the Career Center.

Service Operations Specialists will monitor all hires from the ER System to ensure cost center information is included in the funding distribution. The Career Center will not be monitoring this information and will enter new hires into PPS based upon the funding provided.