Cost Center Code Requirement

I. Overview

To facilitate categorization of employee distribution information, the Cost Center data element within the Full Accounting Unit (FAU) FAU is now being required and used as a time reporting tool for campus payroll processors for Non-Academic Staff and Student payroll distributions. This change is in support of the PPS Online Payroll Time Reporting System (OPTRS) project and will ensure accurate payroll processing.

Business Process Impacts

As of August 1st, 2011, those with authority or coordination responsibilities for personnel actions must include the Cost Center code value(s) with the funding information for:

  • all new recruitments;

  • employee action requests with budgetary impact;

  • and funding change requests.

The Cost Center code value for non-academic staff and student employee action requests is the level four org code associated with the payroll distribution funding for the action.

The Cost Center data element has no financial reporting application, and therefore, should never be the basis of a Payroll Expenditure Transfer. Questions regarding Payroll Expenditure Transfers should be directed to the Payroll Office.

Instructions for Determining and Providing Cost Center Code Values

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