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Topic: Records Disposition

1. Records

After the selected candidate has accepted, the Search Committee and Hiring Supervisor should gather all documentation related to the recruitment for the Unit’s recruitment file. Documentation, which should be kept in the file, includes:

  • Copy of the appropriate RMS Recruitment Worksheet

  • Copy of completed Applicant Selection Log (ASL)

  • Interview questions

  • Interview or other notes from Search Committee members

  • Reference check notes

  • Copy of  RMS Worksheet: Job Offer - Open/Campus-Only Recruitments

  • Any other information gathered on applicants during the process such as work samples, supplemental applications, pre-interview reference checks, etc.

  • Brief written summary of the process which as followed

  • Copies of letters sent to applicants

This file will be retained for three years by Employee & Labor Relations Analysts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How should the process be documented?

    • The chair is responsible for ensuring that the group’s judgment is recorded on the Applicant Selection Log (ASL).

    • In addition, the search committee chair should record briefly what the process was (who did what when) including decision points (e.g., “we decided to interview only people who had both the computer skills and experience with implementation of a new system”.)

    • All records of recruitment, including interview notes taken by all search committee members and reference check notes, will be retained for three years by the appropriate HR Service Team.

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Revised November 2006: C.20