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Staffing Options- Campus Only

Campus-Only Recruitment is a competitive process that normally utilizes a search committee to screen, interview and identify a candidate for hire. Advertising and outreach are limited to the UCSC community.

Only current UCSC employees (student, staff or academic) with an active appointment in the payroll system and individuals with preferential rehire or special selection rights are eligible for consideration.

Conduction of a campus only recruitment requires the approval of both the Assistant Vice Chancellor Staff Human Resources and Associate Chancellor, who serves as the campus Director of Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action.  Contact your Staff Human Resources, Recruitment Specialist (RS) for information on the Campus-Only approval process.  A list of RS unit assignments is available here: [Locate Your Team]

A Certified Hiring Manager (CHM) interacts directly with the Recruitment Management System (RMS) to initiate requests, status applications and begin the job offer process. A Hiring Manager (HM) works through their Employee & Labor Relations Analyst (ELRA) to accomplish these activities. A Hiring Manager who is interested in becoming a Certified Hiring Manager should contact the RMS System Administrator for information on the process.



  • Allows all campus employees access to a promotional opportunity
  • Provides an opportunity to hire most qualified internal applicant
  • Reduces perceptions of inequity or unfairness that can result from reorganizations or non-recruitments
  • Limits pool of applicants to UCSC employees – this impacts the diversity of the pool of applicants
  • Does not allow other qualified applicants to apply

See Recruitment procedure for policy details.

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Revised November 2011: C.21