Filling a Vacancy

Comparison of Staffing Options Temporary Staffing
Open Recruitment Transfer
Campus-Only Recruitment Reorganization
Non-Recruitment Waiver of Recruitment
Student Employment Comparison of Staffing Options Matrix

Comparison of Staffing Options

It has always been the policy of UCSC to hire the most qualified individuals in all vacancies. Because UCSC's staff workforce lacks diversity of women and people of color in many of its positions (as defined by federally defined analyses), hiring managers are strongly encouraged to fill positions using Open Recruitment, i.e., both internal and external applicants should be sought.

The use of other options to fill career positions (and limited positions expected to exceed 1,000 hours in 12 months), such as transfer, reorganization or waiver should be limited to exceptional situations, such as an alternative to layoff, reorganization due to change in work or funding, or other unique circumstances.

The Comparison of Staffing Options Matrix describes the available methods of filling a staff vacancy, including limited/temporary vacancies, along with pros and cons associated with each choice.

Hiring Managers need to consider the following parameters when assessing recruitment options:

  • Duration of the need (e.g., temporary project versus ongoing need)

  • Funding availability and duration

  • Availability of qualified candidates

  • Classification and job group underutilization

Contact your Recruitment Specialist (RS) for information on job group underutilization and assistance in determining the most effective and appropriate method to fill your vacancy. A list of RS unit assignments is available here:  [Contact your Recruitment Specialist]

Revised November 2011: C.21