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Staffing Options- Non-Recruitment

Non-Recruitment is a non-competitive process in which the hiring manager (HM) identifies the candidate for hire in lieu of the position being posted and advertised to the public.

In special circumstances, Non-Recruitment can be used to fill limited (temporary).

HM’s are strongly encouraged to fill positions through Recruitment; however, Non-Recruitment may be used if the position:

  • Will not exceed 800 hours
  • Has an end date not to exceed six months in duration
  • The individual does not have a bank of limited appointment hours that could cause the appointment to reach 1,000 limited hours and convert to career status.

Process Overview:

  1. The Hiring Manager (HM) determines the appropriateness of hiring an individual without a recruitment, in consultation with their Employee Relations Analyst (ERA) or their Talent Acquisition Consultant (TAC).
  2. HM completes a RMS Non-Recruitment Worksheet and a job description and submits these via the email.
  3. The Talent Acquisition Consultant (TAC) processes the Non-Recruitment request in RMS.
  4. The Divisional Approver in the unit approves the request.
  5. The Classification Analyst classifies the position.
  6. The selected hire applies to the position.
  7. The TAC makes a job offer to the selected hire.
  8. The Talent Acquisition Office conducts Onboarding if the selected hire is a new hire or rehire.



  • Meets hiring unit’s immediate needs
  • May provide an opportunity for a current part-time employee to augment percent time

  • Does not provide for equal opportunity because pool is limited to those known by the hiring unit
  • Can result in perceptions of inequity because there is no competitive process
  • Short-term solution – i.e. if position becomes permanent, a career recruitment is necessary

See Non-Recruitment procedure for policy details.

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