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Staffing Options- Non-Recruitment

Non-Recruitment is a non-competitive process in which the hiring manager (HM) identifies the candidate for hire in lieu of the position being posted and advertised to the public.

In special circumstances, Non-Recruitment can be used to fill limited appointment types on a temporary basis.

HM’s are strongly encouraged to fill positions through Recruitment; however, Non-Recruitment may be used if the position:

  • Will not exceed 800 hours
  • Has an end date not to exceed six months in duration
  • The individual does not have a bank of limited appointment hours that could cause the appointment to reach 1,000 limited hours and convert to career status.

Process Overview:

  1. The Hiring Manager (HM), or Certified Hiring Manager (CHM) determines the appropriateness of hiring an individual without a recruitment, in consultation with their Employee Relations Analyst (ERA) or their Talent Acquisition Consultant (TAC).
  2. HM/CHM ensures an approved position exists in UCPath prior to beginning step 3.
  3. HM completes the Job Opening Request Form and indicates a non-recruitment process.
  4. The Talent Acquisition Consultant (TAC) initiates the Non-Recruitment request in TAM.
  5. The Recruitment Approver in the unit approves the non-recruitment and job offer.
  6. The selected candidate creates an application in the Candidate Gateway.
  7. The TAC extends the job offer to the selected candidate, coordinates the pre-employment criminal history background check, and completes the hire in UCPath.
  8. The Talent Acquisition Office conducts Onboarding.



  • Meets hiring unit’s immediate needs
  • May provide an opportunity for a current part-time employee to augment percent time

  • Does not provide for equal opportunity because pool is limited to those known by the hiring unit
  • Can result in perceptions of inequity because there is no competitive process
  • Short-term solution – i.e. if position becomes permanent, a career recruitment is necessary

See Non-Recruitment procedure for policy details.

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