Filling a Vacancy

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Staffing Options- Temporary Staffing Services

Campus units are strongly encouraged to fill vacant positions through Recruitment; however, temporary staffing services may be used to fill short-term assignments expected to last less than six months. Assignment extensions require approval by the Staff Human Resources Talent Acquisition Manager, Colette Grey.

Temporary staff who will occupy critical positions will undergo a background check through the temporary staffing agency. All approved Temp Agencies in contract with UC Santa Cruz will ensure their personnel assigned to critical positions have passed a background check before placement begins.

Your Employee Relations Analyst (ERA) is available for consultation, as you consider the use of temporary staffing services.



  • Very quick hiring process
  • Provides an opportunity for off-campus individual to find employment at UC Santa Cruz
  • Diversity of pool is not known
  • Cost of service includes administrative costs which do not go directly to the employee