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Staffing Options- Transfer

Intra-Divisional Transfer Without Recruitment is the movement of an employee from one position to another, which is in a classification having the same salary range maximum, within the same unit or division.

Reasons for selecting transfer:

  • Alternative to layoff.

  • Utilize an employee's skills in a more appropriate position.

  • Employee has specific skills qualifying them for another position.

Process Overview:

  1. The Principal Officer is delegated the authority to approve transfer actions and is responsible for ensuring that the consideration process is fair and equitable.

  2. Your Employee & Labor Relations Analyst (ELRA) is available for consultation, as you consider the use of transfer.



  • Meets immediate needs
  • Provides opportunity for staff
  • Others may perceive inequity or unfairness in the selection of the individual for transfer, particularly if they feel that they would have been qualified for the position.
  • May result in another opening to be recruited, if the FTE is not transferred
  • Does not provide for equal employment opportunity
  • Not a competitive process

See Demotion/Transfer- Voluntary without Open Recruitment for policy details.

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Revised November 2011: C.21