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Staffing Options- Waiver of Recruitment

Waiver of Recruitment is a non-competitive process in which the hiring manager identifies the candidate for hire in lieu of the position being posted and advertised.

It is university policy to recruit both within and outside its work force to obtain qualified applicants. Hiring Managers are strongly encouraged to fill positions through Recruitment. However, in exceptional circumstances, a Waiver of Recruitment can be used to fill career and contract appointments. Waivers can also be used to fill limited (temporary) appointments which do not meet the criteria for non-recruitment (e.g., expected to exceed 1000 hours in 12 months).

A Certified Hiring Manager (CHM) interacts directly with the Recruitment Management System (RMS) to initiate requests, status applications and begin the job offer process. A Hiring Manager (HM) works through their Employee & Labor Relations Analyst (ELRA) to accomplish these activities. A Hiring Manager who is interested in becoming a Certified Hiring Manager should contact the RMS System Administrator for information on the process.

Process Overview:

  1. The Hiring Manager (HM) determines the appropriateness of hiring an individual without a recruitment, in consultation with their Employee & Labor Relations Analyst (ELRA).

  2. The Hiring Manager (HM) initiates a waiver of recruitment request using a RMS Worksheet: Waiver of Recruitment and, when requesting multiple hires, a RMS Worksheet: Supplemental Job Offers - Non-Recruitment or Waiver of Recruitment. The Certified Hiring Manager (CHM) initiates a waiver of recruitment request in RMS.

    1. The Employee & Labor Relations Analyst (ELRA) reviews the request.

    2. The Recruitment Specialist (RS) reviews the request.

    3. The Divisional Approver (DA) approves the request, including salary to offer.

    4. The Classification Analyst (CA) classifies the position.

    5. CHM, HRSTR, DA, & RS receive RMS generated e-mail titled, “Approved To Fill: Non-Rec/Waiver”.

  3. The RS creates the waiver of recruitment:

    1. Quick Link and hidden posting are generated.

    2. CHM, ELRA & DA receive RMS generated e-mail titled, “Non-Rec/Wavier Posted”.

  4. The CHM, HM or ELRA:

    • Provides the hidden posting Quick Link to the selected hire(s).

    • Template communication including Quick Link is available in the “Non-Rec/Waiver Posted” e-mail. Quick Link can also be found in RMS under the Rec Details tab.

  5. The Selected Hire(s) use the Quick Link to access the hidden posting, then submit their application and any supplemental documents (e.g., cover letter, resume).

    • CHM & ELRA receive RMS generated e-mail titled, “Time To Initiate Non-Rec/Waiver Job Offer”.

  6. The CHM or ELRA submits a job offer request via RMS for each selected hire.

  7. The EEO/AA Director reviews request and concurs, as appropriate.

  8. The AVC of Staff HR reviews request and approves, as appropriate.

  9. The RS makes a formal job offer to the selected hire.

  10. Employment conducts sign up if the selected candidate is a new hire, rehire, or interlocation transfer.

  11. The ELRA conducts On-Boarding.

  12. Employment completes Personnel Payroll System (PPS) On-Line Entry Update (OEU).



  • Meets immediate needs
  • Posting and advertising are not required.
  • Does not provide for equal employment opportunity
  • Can result in feelings of inequity or unfairness

See Waiver of Recruitment procedure for policy details

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Revised November 2011: C.21