Layoff/Involuntary Reduction in Time: Policy-Covered Employees

Topics Scope Notice of Layoff or Reduction in Time
Overview Rights to Severance Pay
Responsibility Rights to Recall & Preferential Reemployment
Requirements for Business Plan Forms/Resources


The Principal Officer or designee in consultation with Employee and Labor Relations is responsible for designating department or other organizational units to be considered layoff units. The Unit Head or designee has the authority to implement indefinite layoffs due to lack of funds or lack of work, including lack of work due to reorganization. Layoffs are not to be used in lieu of administering progressive discipline. Layoffs actions must be reviewed and approved by Employee and Labor Relations prior to implementation.

A. Departmental Layoff Proposal-Business Plan

The Unit Head assesses the impact of changes such as lack of funding, a lack of work or the effects of reorganization. The affected department analyzes and determines which essential functions need to be performed by the department, as well as which functions and positions will be eliminated. The department produces written documentation of this analysis and justification (Business Plan) in consultation with Employee and Labor Relations.

The Business Plan shall include information to support a business need and the reason for the layoff. The Business Plan must justify, based on performance appraisals and disciplinary records, relevant skills, knowledge and abilities and seniority, why a specific employee is being laid off in lieu of other employees in the same job classification, salary grade and layoff unit.

B. Employee and Labor Relations Review of Layoff Proposal and Calculation of Seniority Points

  1. Review of Layoff Proposal:
    Employee and Labor Relations will review all departmental layoff proposals. This will include consideration of the business rationale for the layoff pursuant to PPSM 60, limited and temporary appointments, current vacant positions and University policies and practices governing equal opportunity and non-discrimination.

  2. Calculation of Seniority Points:
    Employee and Labor Relations will calculate seniority points based on the full-time equivalent months (or hours) of University service in any job classification or title from the date of hire or date of rehire if there has been a break in service.

Revised October 2012