Layoff/Involuntary Reduction in Time: Policy-Covered Employees

Scope Notice of Layoff or Reduction in Time
Overview Rights to Severance Pay
Responsibility Rights to Recall & Preferential Reemployment
Requirements for Business Plan Forms/Resources

Rights to Severance Pay

Employees will be provided severance pay unless the employee elects preferential rehire and recall rights within fourteen (14) calendar days of receiving a notice of layoff.

A. Severance Pay Calculation

Severance pay is a payment based on years of service. An employee receiving severance is eligible for one (1) week (five working days) of salary for each full year of service from the most recent break in service, up to a maximum of sixteen (16) weeks.  

Employees who have been reduced in time indefinitely will receive severance pay in proportion to his/her reduction in time layoff.  

B. Severance Pay Repayment

An employee who receives severance pay and returns to work in a career position with the University at the same or higher salary and at the same percentage of time as the position held at the time of layoff will repay the University any portion of severance pay received that is in excess of the time the employee was on layoff status.

Revised October 2012