Layoff Resources- Guidelines for Managers & Supervisors

Introduction/Overview Communicating with Employee
Definition of Terms Transition Support Services
  Management Responsibilities Contracting for Services
  Options to Mitigate Layoff Options and Effects Chart
  Layoff Planning Frequently Asked Questions
  Initiating the Layoff: Layoff Justification Forms/Resources

Employee Rights

Topic- Options to Mitigate Layoff

To minimize the effects of indefinite layoffs and indefinite reductions in time, managers may consider alternative actions such as:

  • Eliminating vacant, limited or temporary positions

  • Releasing employees on limited appointments

  • Releasing student workers

  • Reorganizing or reallocating work

  • Temporary layoffs

  • Temporary reductions in time

  • Intra-divisional transfers or reassignment of career employees

  • Voluntary resignations and reductions in time

  • Curtailment periods

  • Implementing Furlough Periods

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Revised October 2012: C.26