Layoff Resources- Guidelines for Managers & Supervisors

Introduction/Overview Communicating with Employee
Definition of Terms Transition Support Services
  Management Responsibilities Contracting for Services
  Options to Mitigate Layoff Options and Effects Chart
  Layoff Planning Frequently Asked Questions
  Initiating the Layoff: Layoff Justification Forms/Resources

Employee Rights

Topic- Management Responsiblities

The decisions about whether layoffs are necessary, where staffing reductions should occur, and what classifications will be affected belong to management and are made after careful analysis of the work to be done, the current organizational structure, and consultation with your Employee & Labor Relations (ELR) Analyst.

When preparing for potential layoffs, managers should:

  • Review your unit’s mission, what you do, for whom and how

  • Review and determine your unit’s essential functions/services required to meet your unit’s goals and objectives

  • Analyze current processes and structure and streamline to the extent possible

  • Consider options which could minimize impact on employees in career positions e.g., Reorganization, job redesign, reassignment

  • Demonstrate creativity, innovation and flexibility

  • Participate in on-going consultation with your ELR Analyst

  • Develop an implementation plan

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Revised October 2012: C.26