Layoff Resources- Guidelines for Managers & Supervisors

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Topic- Transition Support Services

Career Transition Resources

The following organizations offer assistance in a variety of areas including skills assessment and training, career advising, resume preparation and interviewing techniques.

Unemployment Insurance

Laid off employees may be eligible for unemployment insurance. Contact the local California State Employment Development Department (EDD) for further details.

EDD Resources

UCSC Applicant Workshop

Impacted employees are welcome to attend the applicant workshops offered by Staff Human Resources Employment. [More]

Professional Development

Training & Development offers skill development courses for UCSC employees. Visit their webpage for a full listing of courses.

Job Opportunities

The Forms/Resources section of this guide contains information regarding job boards, resume preparation and temporary employment agencies.

Computer Access

  • UCSC Staff HR Employment:
    Computers are available in the lobby of the Employment office, Monday-Friday 10am - 12pm & 1 pm - 4pm. See Jobseeker Toolkit or call (831)459-2009 for more information.

  • McHenry & Science Libraries:
    Employees may use the library computers to conduct job search activities. Computers are available during normal library hours. For more information contact the circulation desk at (831)459-5185 or visit the library website. Wireless laptops can be checked out with current employee ID card.

  • Santa Cruz Public Libraries:
    Computers with internet access are available at all branches. WiFi access is available at some locations.  Visit the library website or call (831)420-5730 for more information.

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