Leave of Absence

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V. Process Overview: Curtailment

Leave without pay may be granted when the University, elects to curtail its operations on a location-by-location basis for periods of specific duration, including but not limited to periods of time for energy/cost savings; transitional, seasonal, or holiday periods in the academic calendar; or the occurrence of emergency situations that adversely affect normal University operations. Up to three days of an unpaid curtailment leave shall be considered time on pay status for the purpose of accruing vacation credits and sick leave.

Use of Paid Leave:
An employee may elect to substitute accrued vacation and/or accrued compensatory time off for leave without pay. For the purpose of curtailment leave, employees with insufficient vacation accrual balances may use up to three days of vacation credits prior to their actual accrual.

  1. Employees will receive written notification of curtailment period(s).

  2. SHR Operations will ensure accurate pay based on the employees’ election of vacation, compensatory time off, or leave without pay.

Revised September 2008: A.19