I. Summary

An employee who becomes disabled may be reassigned to an open position for which the employee qualifies, and may be considered for open positions over non-disabled applicants, generally for a period of 90 calendar days. When an employee becomes unable to perform the essential duties of their currently held position as a result of a covered disability, the Santa Cruz campus is committed to providing services to assist the employee with securing a new position.  Any employee who becomes disabled may be reassigned to an active, vacant position as a reasonable accommodation to provide the employee with the opportunity to be reassigned to an alternative position.

II. Related Policies, Contract Articles and References

  1. Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) – employees not covered by a collective bargaining agreement:

    • PPSM 81- Reasonable Accommodation Policy and Procedures

    • PPSM 20.A - Recruitment and Promotion

  2. Contract Agreements – employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement

III. Authority

In circumstances where a hiring unit questions the  recommended reassignment of a Reassignment Candidate, the Staff Human Resources Associate Vice Chancellor, in consultation with other appropriate offices, has responsibility for making the final determination regarding placement.

IV. Criteria

Medical documentation from a licensed health care provider and a completed medical release form for the Disability Manager must be provided by the employee to assist in understanding the nature of the employee’s functional limitations. This documentation may be subject to confirmation by a University-appointed licensed health care provider. In order to be eligible for Reassignment services, the employee must be a qualified individual with a disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Cal-FEHA.

V. Process Overview

When a qualified employee with a mental or physical disability is, or becomes, unable to perform the essential duties of their currently held position as a result of a covered disability, the University is committed to providing reasonable accommodation. The University will explore reasonable accommodation options when an employee requests accommodation or indicates a need for accommodation due to a covered disability, or when the need for reasonable accommodation is obvious. Accommodation options will be considered in discussions with the employee. This is an Interactive Process that requires the active participation of the employee and the supervisor.

If it is determined that a qualified employee with a disability cannot perform the essential job functions, with or without reasonable accommodation, the employee may be reassigned to an open position for which the employee qualifies, and may be considered for such positions over non-disabled applicants under Reassignment, if appropriate, is a continuation of the Interactive Process.

  1. The Disability Manager (DM) notifies employee (now the Reassignment Candidate) of their Reassignment status, which is generally for a period of 90 calendar days and provides the individual with the Qualifications Summary form.

  2. The Reassignment Candidate (RC) completes and submits a Qualifications Summary form and creates or updates a job application in the Recruitment Management System (RMS) with the assistance of the DM.

  3. The DM notifies the Talent Acquisition Assistant Manager (TAAM) of the  Reassignment candidate’s eligibility and provides a copy of the candidate’s Qualifications Summary.

  4. Prior to the passing of an Initial Review Date (IRD), potentially eligible RCs are referred to the TAAM.

  5. The Talent Acquisition Assistant Manager (TAAM) confirms the RC's qualifications for the vacancy.

  6. When an eligible and qualified candidate is identified, the TAAM places a hold on recruitment activity.

    NOTE: If multiple hires are expected for a recruitment, the recruitment activity may continue. However, job applications for the recruitment will not be forwarded to the hiring unit, until a final decision regarding selection of the Reassignment candidate has been reached.

  7. DM or TAAM forwards the Qualifications Summary form to the Hiring Manager (HM)/Certified Hiring Manager (CHM)

  8. The HM/CHM reviews the RCs Qualifications Summary form, and may request an opportunity to meet the RC and provide the RC with more information about the position and answer any questions the RC may have. Note: This is not an interview and the HM/CHM may not review the RC’s personnel file or conduct reference checks.

  9. If the HM/CHM agrees with the reassignment, TAAM creates a waiver of recruitment and the Talent Acquisition Consultant presents the terms and conditions of the new position to the RC.

  10. If the HM/CHM believes that the RC is not qualified, the HM/CHM submits a non-selection narrative justification to the DM and TAAM.

    • If the DM and TAAM concur, the Talent Acquisition Consultant works with the HM/CHM to continue the recruitment activity.

    • If the DM and TAAM does not concur, the HM/CHM is notified of non-concurrence and is advised they may request a further review by the AVC of Staff HR.

      • If further review is requested, DM and TAAM reviews decision with AVC of Staff HR.

      • After AVC of Staff HR review process, TAAM takes appropriate action.

  11. The DM advises the RC on the Medical Separation process if the RC is unsuccessful in securing alternate employment during their period of eligibility.

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