I. Policy Summary

It is the policy of the university to recruit and employ the most qualified candidates and to ensure that the recruitment process facilitates the attainment of affirmative action goals and objectives. Proper recruitment employment practices ensure that the most qualified candidates are selected, guard against discrimination, and foster the attainment of affirmative action goals.

As appropriate, the university will recruit both within and outside its work force to obtain qualified applicants. To support career progress of qualified internal candidates, internal recruitment may be utilized so long as it is consistent with equal employment and affirmative action objectives and results in a diverse pool of qualified applicants.

Conduction of a campus only recruitment requires the approval of both the Assistant Vice Chancellor Staff Human Resources and Associate Chancellor, who serves as the campus Director of Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action.  Contact your Staff Human Resources, Recruitment Specialist (RS) for information on the Campus-Only approval process.  A list of RS unit assignments is available here:  [Contact your Recruitment Specialist]


  • Non-Recruitment - may be used to fill limited (temporary) and by agreement (BYA) appointments, refer to Non-Recruitment Procedure for specific guidelines.

  • Waiver of Recruitment - may be approved in exceptional circumstances consistent with equal opportunity and affirmative action objectives. Refer to Waiver of Recruitment Procedure for specific guidelines.

  • Other Exceptions - See PPSM 20:B “Exceptions to Recruitment” for other situations that do not require recruitment.

II. Related Policies, Contract Articles and References

  1. Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) - employees not covered by a collective bargaining agreement:

    • PPSM 3-Types of Appointment

    • Presidential Policy on Discrimination, Harassment, and Affirmative Action in the Workplace

    • PPSM 20-Recruitment

    • PPSM 21-Appointment

    • PPSM 60-Layoff and Reduction in Time from PPSM Career Positions

    • PPSM 66-Medical Separations

  2. Contract Articles - employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement

  3. Fair Hiring Guide

  4. Filling a Vacancy

III. Authority

The Unit Head is delegated the authority to recruit, select and hire limited and career employees for which funding exists, to approve moving expenses, and to determine salary appointment rates above the minimum of the range for limited appointments.

For career positions, salary appointment rates above the minimum of the range must be approved by the Principal Officer or Unit Head who has responsibility for decentralized funding, in accordance with the appropriate personnel policy or collective bargaining agreement.

The Divisional/Unit Financial Authority or designee must contact the Planning and Budget Office to establish a new provision (FTE) for a career position.

The employment of near relatives within the same unit requires approval of the AVC of Staff Human Resources. See  Employment of Near Relatives procedure.

IV. Criteria

All screening and selection shall be job-related. The job-related criteria to be used to screen applications and select interviewees, develop interview questions, select final candidates, and conduct reference checks shall be based upon the experience, skills, knowledge and abilities required to perform the essential functions of the job successfully.

V. Process Overview

Open Recruitment is a competitive process that seeks a broad pool of qualified, diverse applicants and normally utilizes a search committee to screen, interview and identify a candidate for hire.

A Certified Hiring Manager (CHM) interacts directly with the Recruitment Management System (RMS) to initiate requests, status applications and begin the job offer process. A Hiring Manager (HM) works with their Recruitment Specialist (RS) to accomplish these activities. A Hiring Manager who is interested in becoming a Certified Hiring Manager should contact the RMS System Administrator for information on the process.

  1. The Hiring Manager (HM) submits a recruitment request to the Recruitment Specialist (RS) using a RMS Recruitment Worksheet; the Certified Hiring Manager (CHM) initiates a recruitment request in RMS.

    • The Recruitment Specialist (RS) reviews the request.

    • The Divisional Approver (DA) approves the position.

    • The Classification Analyst (CA) classifies the position.

  2. The RS posts and advertises the job.

  3. Before releasing applications, the RS:

    • Screens applications to identify special selection, preferential rehire and special re-employment applicants.

    • Verifies the eligibility of applicants for Campus-Only Recruitments.

  4. The RS notifies the HM/CHM when applications are available for viewing.

    • Initial batch - RS releases applications within two business days after the initial review date (IRD).

    • Subsequent batch(es) - RS releases additional applications within two business days after receipt of written request.

  5. The Search Committee selects interviewees and conducts interviews after screening application materials.

  6. The HM/CHM conducts reference checks and makes a hiring decision.

  7. The RS makes a formal job offer to the selected candidate(s).

  8. Employment conducts a sign up if the selected candidate is a new hire, rehire, or interlocation transfer.

  9. The ELR Analyst conducts On-Boarding of the selected candidate.

  10. Employment completes Payroll Personnel System (PPS) On-Line Entry Update (OEU).

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VI. Forms/Resources



Hire Actions:

  1. If the selected candidate is not a current UCSC employee, refer to:

  2. For employees on UCSC payroll, refer to one of the following procedures, based on the resulting personnel action:

RMS-Specific Information

  1. RMS User Login

  2. The RMS User Toolkit contains the following:

    • RMS Request Types Defined

    • RMS Request Workflow Diagram

    • Recruitment Status Workflow Diagram

    • Recruitment Status Definitions

    • RMS Job Offer Workflow Diagram

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