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Ad Cost: 

Advertisement in the publications listed below is available free of charge.

Request to Advertise: 

Units should communicate their request in one of two ways:

  1. Hiring Manager (HM):  submits one of the following RMS Recruitment Worksheets via e-mail to their Employee & Labor Relations Analyst(ELRA) 

    • Use the RMS Worksheet: Open/Campus-Only - Straight Replacement when the position has previously been recruited for in RMS and no changes were made to the job description.

    • Use the RMS Worksheet: Open/Campus-Only - all types except Straight Replacement.

  2. Certified Hiring Manager (CHM):  initiates a recruitment request in RMS.

Ad Copy Preparation:

SHR Recruitment Specialist will prepare ad copy using the Recruitment Ad Template unless otherwise requested.

Ad Placement:

JobElephant will place ads per instruction from the SHR Recruitment Specialist.


Information   Web-Only Ad: 30 day posting. Under the Jobs for Veterans Act UCSC is required to post all open recruitments on this web site. Web-Only Ad: 30 day posting. Position must focus on diversity, multiculturalism, global education, etc. Web-Only Ad: 30 day posting.
Northerin California Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC) Web-Only Ad: 30 day posting.
UC System-wide Job Board Web-Only Ad: All jobs posted here through the IRD.

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