Recruitment Advertising

I. Overview

The advertising campaign is a key component of the overall recruitment plan. Where possible, the advertising campaign should be finalized and approved before the recruitment is posted. Units are encouraged to utilize JobElephant services to develop a comprehensive advertising campaign designed to attract qualified, diverse applicants.

The campaign should take into consideration:

  • diversity and job group underutilization

  • recruiting area (i.e., local, regional, national)

  • reasonable initial review period

  • free and paid advertising

  • networking opportunities (e.g., professional organizations, colleagues at other higher ed institutions)

Your Staff Human Resources(SHR) Employee & Labor Relations Analyst (ELRA) or SHR Recruitment Specialist can assist with the development of your plan.

II. Payment Methods

The payment of fees incurred for recruitment advertising are processed in one of three ways:

Direct payment between UCSC and JobElephant: 

  • Unit secures one purchase order number through the CruzBuy system for advertising agency JobElephant.  JobElephant places all the ads and invoices the hiring unit.

Direct payment between UCSC and the Publisher:

  • Purchase order (PO) or blanket order (BO): Unit requests a purchase order number through the CruzBuy system for each publisher.  Not all publishers have established relationships with the University. Getting the publisher set-up as a vendor in the CruzBuy system will delay generation of a purchase order number.  

  • Pro-card: The Pro-card is a VISA issued by Central Purchasing to authorized UCSC Employees.  Pro-card holders are prohibited from loaning their card or providing their card number to another UCSC employee.  Therefore the Pro-cardholder must provide the publisher with ad copy and billing information.   

III. Job Elephant

JobElephant is an advertising agency specializing in recruitment advertising for higher education.  They monitor thousands of newspapers, trade journals and websites worldwide to provide recruitment advertising solutions that are both results driven and cost effective. JobElephant services are free of charge. 

Services Include:

  • Advertising campaign proposals designed to attract both qualified and diverse applicants;

  • Creation of ad content and graphic design;

  • Ad placement, including free advertisements such as HERC and

Process Overview:

  • Upon request from the Recruitment Specialist, JobElephant will provide a customized advertising campaign proposal.  The campaign proposal will be based upon various criteria including: recruiting area, skill set required, and job group underutilization.

  • The Hiring Unit will review the proposal and approve the final advertising campaign.

  • Hiring Unit will secure a UCSC purchase order number for JobElephant using CruzBuy.  The purchase order number must be provided to the Recruitment Specialist before any ads can be placed.

  • The Recruitment Specialist submits final approved advertising campaign and purchase order number to JobElephant.

  • JobElephant places all ads and issues an invoice.

IV. Recruitment  Ad Template

The Recruitment Ad Template contains standard copy and formatting used for UCSC recruitment ads. Ads placed by Job Elephant or the Recruitment Specialist will utilize this format unless otherwise requested.

Final ad copy will be provided to the unit upon request.  Units planning to place advertisements on their own should consult with their SHR Employee & Labor Relations Analyst or SHR Recruitment Specialist before making any modifications to ad content.

V. Forms/ Resources



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