Free and Paid Advertising

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JobElephant will recommend and/or place both free and paid advertising. Hiring units are encouraged to utilize JobElephant’s services to develop a comprehensive advertising campaign designed to attract qualified, diverse applicants. Ideally, the advertising campaign should be finalized and approved as early as possible before the job is posted.

Ad Cost:

Costs can vary widely depending upon the ad size (print ads only), format, distribution, etc. Contact Talent Acquisition for a price quote if you have ads in mind and/or to request a JobElephant advertising plan.

Process to Request Advertising:

Hiring Manager (HM): To request advertising, submit a finalized job description via email to Specify any free and/or paid advertising websites you already have in mind and/or request a proposal from JobElephant.

Certified Hiring Manager (CHM): To request advertising, include the details of the request (free and paid ads) directly into RMS. The Talent Acquisition Admin Team will assist in processing the request.

Payment Methods:  

  • Purchase order (PO) or blanket purchase order (BO): Hiring unit obtains purchase orders through the CruzBuy system for the advertising agency JobElepant (Job Elephant is an approved vendor in CruzBuy). JobElephant places all the ads and invoices the the hiring unit. NOTE: Advertising purchase orders may now be opbained prior to having the job posting number.
  • Pro-Card: The Pro-card is a VISA card issued by Central Purchasing to authorized UC Santa Cruz employees. JobElephant will accept a UC Santa Cruz pro-card as payment for advertising plans. Pro-card holders will be invoiced for payment. Please reach out to to make arrangements.