Recruitment Management System (RMS)

Divisional Approver (DA) Training

Please note: Employment is no longer offering regularly scheduled trainings. Trainings will be provided on an as needed basis. Please contact if an urgent need arises to arrange for Divisional Approver training.

The Recruitment Management System (RMS) is a web-based tool used to facilitate the recruiting and hiring of staff positions via Recruitment.

Divisional Approver (DA) interacts directly with RMS to:

  • Review and approve recruitment requests

  • Review and approve job offer exceptions, as necessary

Required trainings must be completed prior to obtaining access to RMS.

Presenter(s): Jean Fargo, RMS System Administrator; Amy Kile, Assistant Employment Manager

Intended For: Individuals within a division who have the authority to approve recruitment and hiring of staff or have been given the responsibility for gathering the necessary approval(s).

Enrollment: Please contact if an urgent need arises to arrange for Divisional Approver training. 

  • RMS Account Application Form: In addition to the user specific training, completion of this form is also required before access to the Recruitment Management System (RMS) will be granted. We encourage participants to bring the completed form with them to the training.

Note: Wait lists are not maintained. Individuals interested in attending a RMS training are encourage to check this web site frequently for updated schedule and enrollment information. 

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