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Topic- Recruitment Specialist


Each Recruitment Management System (RMS) account is associated with a user type, which defines the user's role and permissions within the system.

Recruitment Specialist (RS)

  • Member of the central Employment Office.
  • Act on behalf of Hiring Manager to initiate recruitment requests, status applicants, and prepare job offer requests.

  • Review RMS actions initiated by Certified Hiring Manager; route for further review/approval.

  • Review requests and forward for additional review & approval

    • Assist with critical position identification.

    • Facilitate preferential rehire process as appropriate.

    • Consult with units regarding recruitment plan details.

    • Review posting details and post to web.

    • Assist units in developing appropriate supplemental, interview and/or reference check questions.

    • Compose and place recruitment ads.

    • Establish RMS guest user access and distribute information to appropriate unit contact.

    • Release application materials for viewing by committee.

    • Provide guidance and consultation on routine fair hiring/recruitment practice issue.

    • Conduct formal job offer and document hire details.

    • Schedule new hire/rehire sign-up when appropriate.


Required Training:

User Guide:

The RMS System Administrator will provide a hard copy guide to Recruitment Specialists after successful completion of required training.

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Revised July 2011: C.24