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Topic- User Accounts

User Name and Password Information

New Accounts

  • Central Office Staff & Certified Hiring Managers (CHM):  Recruitment Management System (RMS) accounts are distributed by the System Administrator via phone once required user type training has been completed.

  • Search Committees:  A unique RMS Guest User account is system-generated once the recruitment is posted.  Guest user access allows the hiring manager and search committee members to view recruitment specific information including applicant materials.  Guest user account information is provided by the Recruitment Specialist (RS) via phone after the initial review date (IRD) of the recruitment has passed.

  • Jobseekers: Go to http://jobs.ucsc.edu to establish an account, create and store an employment application and apply for jobs.

User Name

In most cases your user name is the same as your CruzID.  This is the beginning of your CruzMail email address minus ‘@ucsc.edu’.

Choosing a Password

RMS has been configured to conform to the UCSC Password Strength and Security Standards. In order to maintain data security, RMS passwords must meet the following criteria:

  • Password must be at least 8 characters in length and contain at least three of the following:

    • lower case letters (e.g., a-z)

    • upper case letters (e.g., A-Z)

    • numbers (e.g., 0-9)

    • special characters (e.g., !@#$%^&*{}[]<>+-)

  • Password should not:

    • be a word found in the dictionary in any language, whether spelled forwards or backwards

    • a word followed by a digit (e.g. secret1)

    • contain your name or user name

  • Valid Password Examples: Abc$4567; ss880$83

  • Invalid Password Examples: 1Mypassword; Mmouse11

  • Expiration: Passwords will expire after 180 days.

DO NOT share your password with anyone else.

System Lock-out and Password Reset

Users will be locked out for one hour after seven failed attempts to login. Try again later or contact the System Administrator at rms-help@ucsc.edu to request a password reset. Reset services must be conducted in person or over the phone for verification purposes.

Report a Security Incident

RMS contains confidential applicant information and individuals granted access should ensure that user account and password information is kept secure at all times. Report any potential security compromises to either:

RMS System Administrator at rms-help@ucsc.edu; OR
ITS Support Center at help@ucsc.edu or 831-459-4357.

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Revised July 2011: C.24