Transfer of Payroll Expense (TOPE) Overview

If you manage funds for sponsored projects or other UCSC activities, you need to know how to process Transfers of Payroll Expense (TOPE). Explore the links on this page for information and guidelines.

A Transfer of Payroll Expense (TOPE) occurs when payroll charges are moved from one FOAPAL to another after they have been recorded in the operating ledger. If your job duties include processing TOPEs, you must follow specified procedures to fulfill federal, state, and UC requirements.

Submitting TOPE Requests to Staff Human Resources

This is a re-designed service for processing transfers for divisions/units with special needs or limited administrative capacity. To find out if your division/unit currently receives this service, please contact your Staff HR Service Operations Team Supervisor.

For participating divisions/units, TOPE request forms can be faxed or emailed to your SHR Service Operations Specialist. Staff HR will process all TOPE request forms submitted on or before the 15th of the month. All TOPE request forms submitted after the 15th, will be processed as time and other deadlines allow.


Related Policies

The following policy applies to all funds:

These policies apply to funds for sponsored projects only:

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