Violence in the Workplace

Introduction Managing the Aftermath of an Incident
Policy and Procedures Employee Responsibilities
  Examples of Prohibited Behavior Supervisor Responsibilities
  Warning Signs Management Responsibilities
  De-Escalating Threatening Behavior
Quick Reference Sheet
  Behavioral Intervention Team Online Training
  Being Prepared

Behavioral Intervention Team

What is the purpose of the Team?

The BIT is a multidisciplinary, rapid response team for evaluating incidents of potential or actual workplace violence within the UCSC community. The specific functions of the BIT are to: (1) collect information on the incident, (2) assess the potential for escalation to violence, and (3) advise individuals and university offices on providing a coordinated campus response.

How do I submit a case to the Team?

For an employee of concern, reports should be submitted to the Behavioral Intervention team through one’s supervisor, Staff Human Resources, the Academic Personnel Office, or the Career Center, or you can contact the Coordinator of the Behavioral Intervention Team directly.

All imminent behaviors of concern should be reported to University Police at 911.

Who is on the Team?

The Team is made up of specially trained members of the following campus units:

  • Risk and Safety Services
  • University Police
  • Counseling and Psychological Services
  • Risk Services