Violence in the Workplace

Introduction Managing the Aftermath of an Incident
Policy Employee Responsibilities
  Examples of Prohibited Behavior Supervisor Responsibilities
  Warning Signs Management Responsibilities
  De-Escalating Threatening Behavior
Quick Reference Sheet
  Behavioral Intervention Team Online Training
  Being Prepared

Employee Responsibilities

All UC Santa Cruz staff, academic and student employees are required to adhere to this policy. It is the responsibility of every UC Santa Cruz employee to assist and cooperate in making the workplace as safe and secure as possible.

  • Any conduct or “jokes” which involve intimidation and/or threats are inappropriate and will be taken seriously.
  • Employees are strongly encouraged to report any perceived violation of the Workplace Violence Policy to their next-in-line supervisor who is not a party to the violation. No employee shall be subjected to criticism, reprisal, retaliation or disciplinary action for good faith reporting pursuant to this policy.
  • Employees who are the subject of, or witnesses to, a possible violation of this policy may be requested by management to document their experience or observations in order to facilitate the handling of the situation.
  • Employees are strongly encouraged to report Restraining Orders to the University Police and to their supervisors when those Orders affect the workplace.