Violence in the Workplace

Introduction Employee Responsibilities
Policy and Procedures Supervisor Responsibilities
  Warning Signs Management Responsibilities
  De-Escalating Threatening Behavior Quick Reference Sheet
  Behavior Risk Assessment Team Online Training
  Incident Management  
  Managing the Aftermath of an Incident


The intent of this handbook is to establish a Zero Tolerance Standard with respect to acts of intimidation, threats of violence, or acts of violence relating to the workplace (violence which stems from an employment relationship) at the University of California, Santa Cruz. It is intended as a guide for employees, supervisors, and managers and has been prepared to aid in the recognition and response to employee workplace violence. A safe and secure workplace is essential to carrying out the mission of the University; the campus and its employees are committed to working together to create and maintain a workplace that is as free as possible from forms of harassing and threatening behaviors.

The policy and procedures contained in this handbook constitute a written program for job safety and security and are part of UCSC’s overall workplace health and safety program as set forth in its Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP).

Please refer to the Student Policies and Regulations Handbook for policies and procedures on student misconduct, and refer to the Title IX/ Sexual Harassment Office for policies and procedures regarding sexual harassment and sexual assault, .