Violence in the Workplace

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University of California, Santa Cruz

The University of California, Santa Cruz is committed to providing a workplace that is as free as possible from intimidation, threats of violence and acts of violence.

Intimidation: an intentional act toward another person, causing the other person to reasonably fear for his/her safety or the safety of others.

Threat of Violence: an intentional act that threatens bodily harm to another person or damage to the property of another.

Act of Violence: an intentional act that causes bodily harm, however slight, to another person or damage to the property of another.

The University prohibits acts of intimidation as well as actual or threatened violence against co-workers, visitors, or any other persons who are either on campus or have contact with University employees in the course of their duties. The following types of behaviors are examples of violations of University policy:

  • Unwelcome name-calling, obscene language, and other abusive behavior
  • Intimidation through direct or veiled verbal threats
  • Throwing objects in the workplace regardless of the size or type of object being thrown, or whether a person is the target of the thrown object
  • Physically touching another person in an intimidating, malicious, or harassing manner, including such acts as hitting, slapping, poking, kicking, pinching, grabbing, and pushing
  • Physically intimidating others including such acts as obscene gestures, shouting, and fist shaking.

Security and safety in the workplace require the cooperation of every staff, academic, and student employee. Any UCSC employee who is the subject of, or a witness to, a suspected violation of this policy is strongly encouraged to report the violation to the next-in-line supervisor who is not a party to the violation. Any emergency, perceived emergency, or suspected criminal conduct shall be immediately reported to the UCSC Police Department.

Any supervisor, manager, or other person in authority who receives a report of a suspected violation of this policy shall investigate the suspected violation and shall consult with the Behavior Risk Assessment Team as appropriate. The results of the investigation shall be reported by the investigating authority to his/her next-in-line supervisor.

Any UCSC employee found to be in violation of this policy shall be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal, pursuant to applicable Personnel Policies or Collective Bargaining Agreement, and, if appropriate, shall be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

No employee shall be retaliated against in his/her employment for reporting intimidation, threats or acts of violence.