Violence in the Workplace

Introduction Managing the Aftermath of an Incident
Policy Employee Responsibilities
  Examples of Prohibited Behavior Supervisor Responsibilities
  Warning Signs Management Responsibilities
  De-Escalating Threatening Behavior
Quick Reference Sheet
  Behavioral Intervention Team Online Training
  Being Prepared

Examples of Prohibited Behavior

The following are examples of prohibited behavior:

  • Unwelcome name calling, obscene language, and other abusive behavior
  • Intimidation through direct or veiled verbal threats
  • Throwing objects in the workplace regardless of the size or type of object being thrown, or whether a person is the target of the thrown object
  • Physically intimidating others including such acts as obscene gestures, shouting, and fist shaking
  • Physically touching another person in an intimidating, malicious, or harassing manner, including such acts as hitting, slapping, poking, kicking, pinching, grabbing, and pushing
  • The threat of or the willful damage or destruction of university property or private personal property on campus
  • The possession on university property of a weapon of any kind, unless specifically authorized by the Chief of Police, or the brandishing of any object that could reasonably be construed as a weapon
  • Any other conduct, either physical or verbal, that a reasonable person would perceive as constituting a threat of violent behavior