Violence in the Workplace

Introduction Managing the Aftermath of an Incident
Policy Employee Responsibilities
  Examples of Prohibited Behavior Supervisor Responsibilities
  Warning Signs Management Responsibilities
  De-Escalating Threatening Behavior
Quick Reference Sheet
  Behavioral Intervention Team Online Training
  Being Prepared

Supervisor Responsibilities

All UC Santa Cruz supervisory employees are required to adhere to this policy.

Supervisors have a crucial role in making UC Santa Cruz a safe and secure working environment by reducing the potential for employee workplace violence through training, appropriate and consistent use of sound supervisory practices and by applying timely corrective action when necessary. Adherence to UC policies, workplace rules and regulations, documentation of employee performance problems, and appropriate training in identifying early warning signs, appropriate workplace conduct, and/or conflict resolution will greatly assist in the prevention of potential workplace violence.

It is the responsibility of all supervisors to report the results of their investigations into alleged violations of this policy to their next-in-line supervisor and to consult with the Behavioral Intervention Team on potential employee workplace violence situations as appropriate.

Supervisors shall document all violations of the Workplace Violence Policy in order that appropriate corrective action can be administered.