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I. Summary

Departments will be the office of record for campus volunteers providing service within their divisions/departments. (This procedure does not apply to volunteer residential preceptors at the colleges.)

It is not necessary for units to process employment forms (ER, oaths, etc.) or to have volunteers "sign-up" through the Staff Human Resources Office.

II. Related Policies, Contract Articles and References


III. Authority

The unit head is delegated authority to secure the services of a campus volunteer.

IV. Criteria

Under the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act, an individual may not be a volunteer for a public agency when the volunteer hours involve the same type of service in which the individual is employed to perform for the same agency.

V. Process Overview

  1. Unit Supervisor/Department:

    Ensures that all new volunteers/docents have read, signed, and returned a Volunteer Agreement Letter and an Election of Worker’s Compensation Coverage form prior to performing any volunteer activity.

    Forwards the original completed letter and form to the volunteer’s department; provides a copy of each to the volunteer and Office of Risk Services.

    Agreement Letter content: Volunteer agreements should include a beginning and end date; do not use an indefinite end date on volunteer agreements.

    The department/supervisor is advised to update information for active volunteers on an annual basis and to keep records when volunteers terminate their service prior to the established end date.

    Departments should establish a sign in/out process to account for the time that volunteers have actually been on-site providing services. The following information should be recorded on the sign in/out sheets:

    • the date services were provided

    • the time that the volunteer(s) arrived and left the site

    • a statement informing the volunteer(s) what to do in the event of an injury. This record should be retained for a period of three years after services have been provided

  2. Volunteer:

    Volunteer Benefits: A volunteer is entitled to the following benefits during the time period noted on the agreement letter:

    • check cashing privileges at the UC Cashier’s Office

    • ability to purchase an Athletics & Recreation (ATH-REC) Card

    • ability to purchase a discounted bus pass from the TAPS Sales Office

  3. Unit Supervisor/Department:

    Instructs the volunteer to show a (signed) copy of the Agreement Letter to the units noted above in order to avail themselves of these benefits.

VI. Forms

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