Waiver of Recruitment

I. Policy Summary

It is university policy to recruit both within and outside its work force to obtain qualified applicants. Hiring Managers are strongly encouraged to fill positions through Recruitment. However, in exceptional circumstances, a Waiver of Recruitment can be used to fill career and contract appointments. Waivers can also be used to fill limited (temporary) appointments which do not meet the criteria for non-recruitment (e.g., expected to exceed 1000 hours in 12 months).

A permanent waiver of recruitment may be approved in exceptional circumstances. Exceptional circumstances must be based upon extraordinary business necessity and requires documentation that addresses the reasons why conducting a recruitment would cause the department undue hardship in meeting its goals, such as disruption of critical services or research activity. Placement of a candidate into a career position that helps to improve the underutilization of the particular job group can be considered as one of the reasons for the request. It is the university’s intent to grant waivers only in limited circumstances.

II. Related Policies, Contract Articles and References

  1. Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) - employees not covered by a collective bargaining agreement:

    • PPSM 20-Recruitment

  2. Contract Articles - employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement

  3. Fair Hiring Guide

  4. Filling a Vacancy

III. Authority

The AVC of Staff Human Resources in consultation with the Affirmative Action Director approves permanent waivers of recruitment.

The employment of near relatives within the same unit requires approval of the AVC of Staff Human Resources. See Employment of Near Relatives.

IV. Criteria

To waive the recruitment process, at least one of the following criteria must be met:

  • There are demonstrated recruitment difficulties e.g. the recruitment failed to produce qualified applicants and/or all qualified candidates have declined the position that was advertised widely.

  • The position is temporary and has a budgetary end date (contract/grant) and the incumbent is a graduate originally hired through Non-Recruitment who remains to complete a research project begun while in student status.

  • The candidate is highly qualified for the position based on expertise (e.g., research related) and possesses unique skills, knowledge, abilities or experience.

  • Health and safety reasons exist.

V. Process Overview

Waiver of Recruitment is a non-competitive process in which the hiring manager identifies the candidate for hire in lieu of the position being posted and advertised.

A Certified Hiring Manager (CHM) interacts directly with the Recruitment Management System (RMS) to initiate requests, status applications and begin the job offer process. A Hiring Manager (HM) works with their Recruitment Specialist (RS) to accomplish these activities. A Hiring Manager who is interested in becoming a Certified Hiring Manager should contact the RMS System Administrator for information on the process.

The Hiring Manager (HM) determines the appropriateness of hiring an individual without a recruitment, in consultation with their HR Service Team Representative (HRSTR).

  1. The Hiring Manager (HM) submits a waiver of recruitment request to the RS using a RMS Worksheet, the Certified Hiring Manager (CHM) initiates a waiver of recruitment request in RMS.

    • The RS reviewes the request.
    • The Divisional Approver (DA) approves the request, including salary to offer.

    • The Classification Analyst (CA) classifies the position.

    • CHM, DA, & RS receive RMS generated e-mail titled, “Approved To Fill: Non-Rec/Waiver”.

  2. The RS creates the waiver of recruitment:

    • Quick Link and hidden posting are generated.

    • CHM  & DA receive RMS generated e-mail titled, “Non-Rec/Wavier Posted”.

  3. The CHM or RS:

    • Provides the hidden posting Quick Link to the selected hire(s).

  4. The Selected Hire(s) use the Quick Link to access the hidden posting, then submit their application and any supplemental documents (e.g., cover letter, resume).

    • CHM & RS receive RMS generated e-mail titled, “Time To Initiate Non-Rec/Waiver Job Offer”.

  5. The CHM or RS submits a job offer request via RMS for each selected hire.

  6. The EEO/AA Director reviews request and concurs, as appropriate.

  7. The AVC of Staff Human Resources reviews request and approves, as appropriate.

  8. The RS makes a formal job offer to the selected hire(s).

  9. Employment conducts sign up if the selected candidate is a new hire, rehire, or interlocation transfer.

  10. The ELR Analyst conducts on-boarding of the selected candidate(s).

  11. Employment completes Payroll Personnel System (PPS) On-Line Entry Update (OEU).

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VI. Forms/Resources



Hire Actions:

  1. If the selected candidate is not a current UCSC employee, refer to:

  2. For employees on UCSC payroll, refer to one of the following procedures, based on the resulting personnel action:

RMS-Specific Information

  1. RMS User Login

  2. The RMS User Toolkit contains the following:

    • RMS Request Types Defined

    • RMS Request Workflow Diagram

    • Recruitment Status Workflow Diagram

    • Recruitment Status Definitions

    • RMS Job Offer Workflow Diagram

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Revised September 2013: A.37