ePerformance Tool Instructions - Annual Evaluation


Effective for all evaluations beginning with the 2019-2020 appraisal period, UC Santa Cruz now uses ePerformance, the performance management module of UCPath.

Please note: All staff (represented and policy-covered) should be evaluated using ePerformance. This includes academic supervisors (Department Chairs, Principal Investigators, etc.) who will need to use ePerformance to assess their staff employees.

Tool Overview (For detailed instructions, including substeps for supervisor notes, copying to and from other evaluations, etc. please review ePerformance Full System User Navigation Presentation).
  1. Go to UCPath: https://ucpath.universityofcalifornia.edu
  2. Log in with your CruzID and gold password
  3. Click on the Performance Workcenter link in the left navigation bar
  4. With the Manager Self Service section, select the Teams Current Performance Docs link
  5. Select the evaluation you wish to work on
  6. The Performance Process bar on the left shows several steps within the annual evaluation:
    1. Step 1: Define Criteria (Criteria must be finalized and approved for employees to complete a self evaluation)
    2. Step 2: Nominate Participants (if applicable)
    3. Step 3: Employee Self Evaluation
    4. Step 4: Complete Manager Evaluation
    5. Step 5: Employee Acknowledgement
    6. Step 6: Approval

Step 1: Define Criteria

  1. Refer to Defining Criteria and Evaluating Performance.
  2. Supervisor works with Employee to define criteria upon which employee will be evaluated. Supervisor may direct Employee to ePerformance Training for Employees for employee navigation instructions.
  3. Supervisor and Employee may enter proposed criteria in the Functions and Goals Tabs by clicking “Add item” (please refer to ePerformance Full System User Navigation Presentation for detailed instructions on copying to and from other appraisals).
    1. Supervisor determines and informs Employee of the criteria finalization and approval process and timeline. They may choose to work with the Employee throughout the entire evaluation period to adjust/revise criteria. Supervisor may choose to finalize the criteria at any point before the end of the evaluation period, by informing the employee, and clicking “Approve”. However, criteria should be defined and finalized with employee with sufficient time to allow for full performance assessment of the criteria.
    2. When a user edits an existing item in an evaluation, their name will display at the bottom of that item following the words “Last Modified By”. Employees are able to delete items that they added to the evaluation, but cannot delete items added by their supervisor.
  4. Supervisor may consider including “Other duties as assigned” criteria to allow Employee to enter additional information for the self evaluation.
  5. When criteria is finalized, Supervisor clicks “Approve.” Criteria must be finalized and approved before the employee may complete a self evaluation.

Note: Criteria may be copied from or to other evaluations as appropriate.

Step 2: Nominate Participants (If applicable)

  1. Supervisor determines whether peer input will be used in the evaluation. Both supervisors and employees can nominate peers.
  2. In the left navigation, Supervisor/Employee clicks the Add Nominee substep within the Nominate Participants step to nominate a peer. 
  3. Supervisor reviews nominations and submits or rejects nominations submitted by the employee. Nominees do not receive the invitation to participate in the employee’s evaluation until the supervisor clicks the Submit Nominations button in the top right corner. 
  4. Nominee accepts or declines invitation to participate. If they accept, then the nominee completes a general summary of their observations of the employee’s performance.
  5. Supervisor tracks nominee participation and reviews nominee evaluation in the Review Participant Evaluation step in the Performance Process bar.

Step 3: Employee Self-Evaluation

  1. Once criteria have been finalized and approved, Supervisor directs Employee to complete a self evaluation.
  2. Once Employee has completed their Self Evaluation, Supervisor can review that evaluation in one of two ways:
    1. Supervisor selects the Review Self Evaluation step in the Performance Process bar, and then clicking the View Self Evaluation substep, or
    2. When completing the Manager Evaluation, the employee’s self evaluation comments appear at the bottom of each criteria.

Step 4: Complete the Manager Evaluation

Supervisors will complete the Manager Evaluation for their employee by selecting the Complete Manager Evaluation step in the Performance Process bar, and selecting the Update and Submit substep. There, they will find four tabs:

    • Functions
    • Goals
    • Common Standards
    • Overall Summary
  1. For the first three tabs, the supervisor will select a Manager Rating for each defined criteria, and can add any comments about that criteria in the Manager Comments field.
  2. At the bottom of each tab, in the Summary section, click the calculator icon. This will average the Manager Ratings from all of the criteria on the current tab, rounded to the nearest whole. If the averaged rating does not accurately reflect the overall performance of the employee for that tab, Supervisor may click Override link to select a different overall rating for the employee for the current tab.
  3. There are no criteria on the Overall Summary tab. Instead, the Supervisor should provide a summary of the overall performance and click the calculator icon to get an overall rating for the whole evaluation, and may click the Override link to select a different overall rating for the evaluation.
  4. Supervisor clicks “Share with Employee” to send to employee for review.

Step 5: Employee Acknowledgement

The employee acknowledgement indicates neither agreement nor disagreement with the evaluation, but is an indication that they have reviewed and/or discussed the evaluation with their supervisor.

  1. To acknowledge the supervisor’s evaluation, Employee selects the Acknowledge substep within the Review Manager Evaluation step. There, they can review the supervisor’s evaluation of them. 
  2. On the Overall Summary tab, Employees have the ability to leave any final comments about their evaluation. When they have finished reviewing the evaluation, they would select the Acknowledge button in the upper right corner.

Step 6: Approval

  1. Once completed, Supervisor clicks the Submit for Approval button in the top right corner. The evaluation will then route for approval, to the supervisor’s supervisor if the evaluation was set up with an MGR Approve template, or to an ePerformance Administrator if the ADM Approve template was used.
  2. Manager or Administrator clicks Approve (or Deny) to complete.

Forms/ Resources

Please contact your Employee Relations Analyst with questions and concerns, or email elrinfo@ucsc.edu.