Equity & Inclusion in Hiring Initiative

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Equity & Inclusion in Hiring workgroup is to create a comprehensive, actionable plan for instituting an equitable, inclusive hiring process that ensures UC Santa Cruz recruits a diverse workforce. We believe that attracting, hiring, and retaining employees that reflect the rich diversity of the State of California, is essential to our success. Promoting a climate of inclusion and belonging is paramount. Together, we intend to establish the organizational infrastructure necessary to empower everyone involved in the hiring process to succeed in equitable recruitment. We recognize the urgent need for solutions; the time is now to act, not only to imagine.

New Training Requirements

As of February 1, 2021, we will be instituting new training requirements for hiring managers, committee chairs, and hiring committee members. Descriptions of each training are enclosed below.

Requirements for Hiring Managers and Committee Chairs: 

Requirements for Committee Members: 


Colette Grey, Chair, Staff Human Resources
Dr. Teresa Maria Linda Scholz, Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Isabel Dees, Title IX Office and Equity and Equal Protection
Sonjé Dayries, Equal Employment Opportunity / Affirmative Action
Conra Frazier, Equal Employment Opportunity / Affirmative Action
Herbie Lee, Academic Affairs
Michael Tassio, Academic Affairs
Leslie Marple, Academic Personnel Office
Gillian McGuire, Academic Personnel Office
Lucy Rojas, Student Affairs & Success
Madlyn Norman-Terrance, Staff Human Resources
Amy Kile, Staff Human Resources
Molly Meehan, Staff Human Resources

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Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion