Step 8 - Review/Submit

Applying: Review & Submit (Step 8 of 8)

Once you submit your application, you will ​not​ be able to edit it. Review your information at this step to ensure accuracy. Click the pencil icon to make all necessary edits, ​or click​ the ​”Previous”​​ button to return to earlier pages and edit the information as needed. You can click “​​Save as Draft”​, but remember to return later to ​”My Activities” ​​to finish it. When satisfied, click ​​”Submit Application”.

How to apply, step 8a


After submission, this screen will indicate you have successfully applied, and you’ll receive an email confirmation.


Checking Your Application

To view the list of jobs you’ve applied to, the date you applied, and your status as an applicant, click on “My Activities”. For a descriptive list of applicant statuses, please see the Applicant Statuses overview.

My Activities