Onboarding for Current Employees

Congratulations on your continued employment with UCSC!

When hiring current UC Santa Cruz employees into a new position, we do our very best to avoid a break in service. If we are able to hire a current employee without a break in service, we process the hire as an Intraloction Transfer (ILT or Action hire), which simplifies the onboarding requirements and allows the ILT to forego our regularly scheduled new/re-hire onboarding. If we are not able to avoid a break in service, UCSC employees will be treated as re-hires and are required to participate in an onboarding session on or before their first day of work.

PLEASE NOTE: While not required, current student employees or academic personnel moving into a new staff position are encouraged to attend a formal new/re-hire onboarding. Any ILT’s that would like to participate in an onboarding are also welcome to attend - the onboarding may be of value to employees that have a change in benefits eligibility or have not been through employee onboarding in a few years. Please see more information about new employee onboarding.

Employment Paperwork
As mentioned above, employees that have a break in service will need to complete their employment paperwork at an onboarding session with Talent Acquisition. Intralocation Transfers are required to sign their employment paperwork within one week of the established hire date. Upon acceptance of the formal job offer, Talent Acquisition will reach out via email with instructions on how to complete the paperwork.

For more information regarding the Intralocation Transfer hire process, please feel free to contact the Talent Acquisition office at hiring@ucsc.edu or (831) 459-2009.

Staff Human Resources
General Information: (831) 459-2009 / hiring@ucsc.edu
Benefits Office: (831) 459-2013 / benefits@ucsc.edu
Labor Relations: (831) 459-2017 / elrinfo@ucsc.edu
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