Job Search Tips

Review Job Listings Frequently

 We add new jobs to our listings regularly.

Pay Close Attention To The Qualifications Section

You should customize your application materials to show how your skills and experiences match the requirements and responsibilities outlined in the qualifications section of the job posting. If you don't have the direct skills listed in the qualifications section, but feel that your skills or experiences are transferable, then clearly state that in your application materials. 

Proofread Your Application Materials Carefully

 If possible, have a friend or colleague proofread it for you as well. Remember that your application materials don't just represent your qualifications, job experience and accomplishments. They also represent your writing skills, the quality of work that you can produce, and your attention to detail. Show your potential employer your very best, right from the start of your search. 

Be Patient

UCSC is a large institution with many units, each of which has its own recruitment timetable. It can take up to four weeks from the Initial Review Date for you to hear from the hiring unit. Please set your expectations accordingly. Please see After You Apply.

Maximize Your Options 

Continue to apply for all the jobs that interest you and that you are qualified for. This is particularly important given the long recruitment cycle at UCSC - while you're waiting to hear back from one unit, you could wind up being hired by another!

Visit Web Sites Of Individual Units

Individual unit web sites often contain useful information, not only about the job you're interested in, but about the unit's work environment, mission, organization, etc. Learning about the individual unit will begin to give you a sense of whether you and that unit are a good "fit". It will also help you tailor your application materials and is invaluable information when preparing for an interview. Often units provide links to their web sites at the bottom of a posting. You may also see UCSC A to Z index to link to individual units.

Attend Free Application Workshop

Learn to locate available jobs, understand the applicant screening process, and increase your chances of getting an interview. These workshops are free and open to the public. [More]

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