The Interview

Who Will Interview Me?

  • The hiring unit schedules and conducts interviews
  • Interviewees typically meet with a search committee comprised of:
    • the hiring manager
    • future co-workers
    • various campus representatives that might be interacting with the position in the future
  • Search committees can range from two to as many as five individuals

Prior To The Interview

  • Someone from the hiring unit will contact you if you’re selected for interview.
  • When they call make sure to obtain:
    • Their name and contact information
    • Directions or a map showing the exact location of the interview
    • Parking information:
      • where you should park
      • do you need to purchase a permit
      • or will the unit be providing you with one
    • The name and phone number of someone to contact the day of the interview if you get lost or are running late

Preparing For The Interview

  • Review your application package and be prepared to clarify such things as:
    • employment history
    • training
    • work experience
  • Review the job posting and be prepared to give examples of directly related or transferable experiences and skills.
  • Learn more (e.g., mission, goals, projects) about the hiring unit or division. Use the UCSC A-Z index on the campus home page ( ) to locate unit specific web pages.
  • Compile and bring to the interview:
    • copies of your application materials
    • samples of your work (if appropriate)
    • a list of your professional references including:
      • name
      • title
      • company
      • phone number
    • your list of questions for the committee.
  • Drive up to campus a day or two before your interview; locate the building/room you will be going to and the closest parking lot. Parking passes can be purchased at the Information Kiosk [Campus Maps].
  • Dress professionally

What To Expect During The Interview

  • Arrive 15-30 minutes early. The unit may ask you to sign your employment application. They may also provide a copy of the interview questions, so you have a few minutes to formulate your thoughts.
  • Committee members may take turns asking you questions. If you don’t understand a question ask for it to be repeated or restated for clarity.
  • Answer questions using specific examples of work you have done. Emphasize the positive. Do not make negative comments about current or previous employers, colleagues or work situations.
  • If you don’t have any directly related experience, give examples of transferable skills. Don’t forget about the experience and skill you have gained through volunteer work.
  • The committee should give you some sense of next steps and timeline. If they don’t offer this information ask when you might hear back from them.

After The Interview

  • Send a thank you note to the hiring manager or search committee chair.
  • If you don’t hear something within a week’s time follow up with the hiring manager or committee chair.

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