Career Coaching

Update Summer 2016

Due to the overwhelming number of requests for Individual Career Coaching, Training & Development is offering a free 6-week Career Discovery Program.

Career Discovery Program Description:

The Career Discovery Program is a six-week career development program for UCSC staff. The half-day workshops introduce staff to effective tools and techniques to explore professional needs, research career options, and develop strategies for successful career paths. These sessions focus on self-assessment, goal setting, job search strategies, resume writing, and effective interviewing. A thirty-minute individual career coaching appointment is included in the series. Participants are required to complete weekly assignments and conduct informational interviews on their own time. The Career Discovery Program helps employees plan their professional growth by giving them the tools and resources needed to take charge of their careers. Supervisors that help develop employees often see increased motivation and productivity, increased skill level, retention in a unit or on campus, and the good will of the employee.

Presenter: Bill Parro, Training & Development Manager

Career Coach: Chris Fogarty, Tarzan Careers

Please have your CruzID and Gold Password ready and CLICK HERE TO ENROLL.

Individual Career Coaching Program Description:

Chris Fogarty, Career Coach, will be offering sessions at Staff Human Resources - 100 Enterprise Way, Scotts Valley. Career Status Staff, past probation, will be eligible for three confidential career coaching sessions. Faculty, Academics, Students, Casual or Limited Appointments are not eligible. Each session is scheduled for 50 minutes. Appointments will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

How do I know if a Career Coach is Right for Me?

  • Do you need help creating an action plan to implement a career change?
  • Are you seeking more success and satisfaction in your career?
  • Are you concerned about job stability and your readiness to compete in today’s job market?
  • Are you satisfied in your current career but looking for ways to improve and advance?

Career Coaching Sessions May Include:

  • An assessment of your talents, strengths, and values as well as clarification of your career interests and goals.
  • Creation of a personal job seeking/marketing strategy including resumes, cover letters, interviewing techniques and social networking tools.
  • An exploration of career options and resources inside and outside of UCSC.
  • Creation of an action plan to get your started and keep you motivated during your job search.

How to sign up?

To schedule an appointment, or if you have questions, contact Training Coordinator, Julie Black, at or 831-459-3933 

Cancellations: Call Chris Fogarty at 831-234-4064 at least 48 hours prior to the session to cancel an appointment. We understand emergencies happen, but due to the limited nature of this resource, any no-shows will not be allowed to reschedule.