Staff Separation - General Off-Boarding

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l. Summary

It is in the University’s interest to effectively manage the departure of staff employees when separating from employment. This off-boarding process can help to ensure the:

  • Security of property and information
  • Completion of required exit tasks
  • Business continuity upon the employee’s departure
  • Transition with staff and clients
  • Collection of information and insights about the UCSC employment experience

ll. Related Policies, Contract Articles and References

  1. Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) - employees not covered by representation
  2. Contract Articles - employees covered by representation

lll. Process

  1. When a letter of resignation is received and/or the Unit/Department initiates a final separation action (Termination/Dismissal (PSS or MSP), Medical Separation, Layoff, Job Abandonment, etc.):The Unit/Department informs employee that all University property and electronic resources, access and documents must be returned/ secured upon separation and discuss transition plan and transfer of informationThe Unit/Department completes the Supervisor Checklist for Off-boarding Employees and Background Investigation No Longer Interested (NLI) Form
  2.  and returns them to mailstop: Staff Human Resources-Operations on the last day that the employee will be in the workplace
  3. The Unit/Department establishes and communicates, to all staff, plan for short and long term plans to complete work 

IV. Forms/Resources