Staff Separation - General Off-Boarding

l. Overview

It is in the University’s interest to effectively manage the departure of staff employees when separating from employment. This off-boarding process can help to ensure the:

  • Security of property and information
  • Completion of required exit tasks
  • Business continuity upon the employee’s departure
  • Transition with staff and clients
  • Collection of information and insights about the UCSC employment experience

ll. Property and Information

  • Staff employees who separate from the university for any reason, must return all university property, and identify and transfer all university electronic resources, access and documents.
  • It is the supervisor’s responsibility to collect university property and secure all electronic resources and access.
  • Staff HR will provide supervisors with instructions, a Supervisor Checklist for Off-boarding Employees and provide advice on questions and concerns that arise in off-boarding. Staff HR will collect the completed checklist for the employee personnel file.

lll. Exit Interview

lV. Off-Boarding Instructions


As soon as you become aware that an employee will separate from your department, contact Staff HR Operations to initiate the required separation procedures.

  • Obtain documentation of the separation. For voluntary resignations, including retirements, this will be in the form of a letter of resignation.
  • Communicate with your employee to ensure that all university property and electronic resources, access and documents are secured upon separation.
  • Complete the Supervisor Checklist for Off-boarding Employees and return it to Staff HR on the last day that the employee will be in the workplace.
  • Plan for the continuity of business upon the departure of the employee by preparing to transfer information and access to yourself and others; as well as the short and long term plans for completion of the work.
  • Plan for communications with staff and key clients as appropriate.
  • Please view the Youtube video to understand the off-boarding process.


  • As soon as you know that you are separating from your department, including to retire, notify your supervisor in writing. This is essential to ensure the timely and accurate preparation of final pay, among other important processes. An email is usually sufficient. It must include the date of your departure and any other relevant information. (Please note that a letter of resignation may not be revocable.)
  • You should also contact the Benefits department to confirm the end date of your benefits (if you are not retiring from UC, your benefits end on the last day of the month of your last day as an employee) and visit  the Leaving UC Employment page at UCnet which contains a roadmap of items (COBRA, UCRP contributions, retirement savings programs, etc.) you may wish to review as you leave UC employment. Retirement processing can take several weeks, so if that's an option, the sooner you contact the Retirement Administration Service Center (RASC) the better.

Unemployment Insurance - If your appointment ends, or you are laid off, or your hours have been reduced to less than full-time, and you are ready, willing and able to work, you may be eligible to receive unemployment insurance benefits. Contact the EmploymentDevelopment Office of the State of California, (800) 300-5616.

Please refer to the Employment Development Department instruction booklet that gives you the procedure to follow and the questions that the interviewer will ask.  When EDD asks for the "name and address of your last employer", DO NOT give your department information.  Instead, give them the following address:
  • Work closely with your supervisor and begin to sort through your business related files, documents and emails to help your department maintain business continuity upon your departure. Ensure that all of your files, documents and other resources can be accessed by others after you are separated.
  • Work with your supervisor to complete the tasks on the Supervisor Checklist for Off-boarding Employees.
  • Identify and begin to collect all of the university property in your possession, and prepare to hand-off items to your supervisor on your last day in the workplace.
  • Communicate with your supervisor about sharing the information of your departure with staff and key clients, if applicable.
  • You are strongly encoursage to complete an exit interview, so that  the university can learn from your experience working here. An exit interview can be taken electronically at