Voluntary Termination – Resignation


 I. Summary

Employees who voluntarily terminate from employment are considered to have resigned, retired or abandoned their University employment.

An employee who is appointed to a contract, limited, per diem, or casual/restricted job is automatically terminated as of the last day of the job, unless there is an earlier termination or a formal extension of the job in writing.

II. Related Policies, Contract Articles and References

  1. Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) - employees not covered by a collective bargaining agreement
    • PPSM 3 - Types of Appointments
    • PPSM 64 - Termination and Job Abandonment
  2. Union Agreements - employees covered by collective bargaining agreements

III. Authority

The unit has the authority to accept the employee’s letter of resignation.  Before a contract, limited, per diem, or casual/restricted job expires, the unit has the authority to request a job extension.  

IV. Process Overview

Resignation is considered to be a Voluntary Termination from the University.

Voluntary Termination occurs when an employee of the University decides to end a campus affiliated job.

If an employee fails to report to work as scheduled and in accordance with Policy and Collective Bargaining Agreements, the manager/supervisor should contact their ER Analyst.

If resignation is due to retirement, see Retirement.

If resignation is a result of accepting another UC job at another UC location, see Interlocation Transfer

  1. The Employee submits a resignation letter and final time record to their supervisor with a copy to their SHR Operations Specialist.
  2. The Supervisor acknowledges the resignation, and notifies their SHR Operations Specialist immediately.
  3. SHR Operations processes the termination paperwork and final paycheck.

V. Forms/Resources