Separation – Resignation

I. Policy Summary

Employees who voluntarily separate from employment are considered to have resigned their University employment.

A voluntary separation occurs when an employee separates from University employment due to resignation, retirement or job abandonment.

Requirements for the amount of notice required vary, depending upon personnel program.

An employee who is appointed to a limited or casual/restricted position is automatically terminated as of the last day of the appointment, unless there is an earlier separation or a formal extension of the appointment in writing.

II. Related Policies, Contract Articles and References

  1. Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) - employees not covered by representation

    • PPSM 61 - Release from Limited or Casual/Restricted Positions

  2. Contract Articles - employees covered by representation

III. Authority

The unit has the authority to process separation paperwork once the employee has submitted their letter of resignation and it is acknowledged by the supervisor in writing; when a limited or casual/restricted appointment ends; when the employee retires; or when the employee fails to report to work as scheduled for five consecutive working days and the notice of intent and response period has ended.

IV. Criteria


V. Process Overview

Resignation is considered to be a Voluntary Separation from the University.

Voluntary Separation occurs when an employee of the University decides to end all campus affiliated jobs.

If resignation is a result of accepting another UC position, see Interlocation and Intradivision Transfer Procedures.

  1. The Employee submits intent to end appointment and final time record to their supervisor.

  2. The Supervisor acknowledges the resignation, and notifies Staff Human Resources(SHR), and unit/division of the employee's intent to separate.

  3. SHR Operations processes the separation paperwork and final paycheck.

  4. SHR Operations meets with the employee on their last day of work to complete a Separation Data Collection Document, Unemployment Insurance Termination Report, and the Termination of Employment Benefits Checklist.  An employee will receive their final paycheck as follows:

    • Represented employees that voluntarily separate from employment will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and will be paid in accordance with mandates set forth in each union contract (giving due consideration to payroll deadlines and policy.)
    • Unrepresented employees that voluntarily separate from employment, the employee's final pay will be processed in the employee's next available regularly scheduled payroll (compute) cycle.

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VI. Forms/Resources



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Revised June 2008: A.20a