UCSC Staff Exit Interview Program

I. Guidelines

The purpose of conducting exit interviews of individuals voluntarily separating from positions at UCSC is to obtain feedback about the UCSC work environment and the factors that may have led to an employee’s decision to leave their employment.

Exit interviews should be conducted for all career and partial year career employees who voluntarily leave their positions through retirement or resignation. The Employee & Labor Relations (ELR) Analyst will contact the employee and email a link to the online exit interview survey. An in-person interview can be conducted at the request of the individual or the manager to the ELR Analyst.

Departing employees will be assured that the information gathered in the exit interview will be summarized for each division and the campus on a quarterly basis. Individual responses will not be given to supervisors. This feedback is intended to support the campus in making decision that will enable our recruitment, hiring, and retention of the best qualified and most diverse workforce possible.

II. Process Overview

Upon receipt of notice of an employee’s intent to resign, the supervisor will notify the ELR Analyst of the resignation.

The ELR Analyst will be responsible for:

  • contacting the exiting employee, explaining the exit interview process, and assuring them that their responses will not be attributed to them specifically

  • emailing the online survey to the exiting employee utilizing a standardized template

  • explaining how the information will be used and encouraging openness

In the event an in-person exit interview is requested, the ELR Analyst will:

  • schedule the interview at least one week in advance of the employee’s departure date

  • advise the employee that the meeting is voluntary and informal, and assure them that no comments will be attributed to them specifically

  • listen, gather information, and stay objective

  • enter the gathered information into the Survey Monkey tool Staff Human Resources Compensation will be responsible for:

  • summarizing the results of the exit interview process and presenting them quarterly to the divisions and campus for discussion

III. Employee & Labor Relations Analyst Process 

When a supervisor notifies a ELR Analyst of an employee who is voluntarily separating, the ELR Analyst should call the exiting employee to go over the Exit Interview guidelines and process. Please ensure employees know their individual responses will be not be attributed specifically to them, how the gathered information will be used, and encourage honesty. The interview survey has 22 questions and will take anywhere from 10-25 minutes depending on how much feedback they have to share.

The link to send to the employee is:

UC Santa Cruz Exit Survey

Compensation will send you a new link to use every quarter via email.  Compensation will also collect and compile the data on a quarterly basis. The results will be summarized and presented quarterly to the divisions and campus for discussion.

IV. Forms

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