UC Santa Cruz Staff Exit Interview Program

I. Summary

The purpose of conducting exit interviews of individuals voluntarily separating from positions at UC Santa Cruz is to obtain feedback about the UC Santa Cruz work environment and the factors that may have led to an employee’s decision to leave their employment.

Exit interviews should be conducted for all career and partial year career employees who voluntarily leave their positions through retirement or resignation. The Employee Relations (ER) Analyst will email a link to the online exit interview survey. An in-person interview can be conducted at the request of the individual or the manager to the ER Analyst.

This feedback is intended to support the campus in making decision that will enable our recruitment, hiring, and retention of the best qualified and most diverse workforce possible.

II. Process Overview

When an ER Analyst learns of a resignation, they will email the online survey to the the employee, the employee may also request an in person or phone interview with the ER Analyst. The link to send to the employee is:

UC Santa Cruz Exit Survey

III. Forms