Staff Human Resources Directory

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Note: All numbers are in the 831 Area Code. Mailing Address
Working Remotely Update: Alternative numbers, if available, appear below the office number.
Kamala Green Associate Vice Chancellor /
Chief Human Resources Officer
Aenoy (Mykie) Thepmanivong Executive Assistant to Associate Vice Chancellor & CHRO Kamala Green
Doug Herbek Compliance Specialist
Employee & Labor Relations (ELR)  -  Mail Stop: Employee & Labor Relations | Fax: 401-2322
Andrew Slobodien ELR Director -
Open Labor Relations Lead - -
Corinne Lopez-Allen Labor Relations Analyst
Ashlinn Gallagher Labor Relations Analyst
Open Employee Relations Manager
Diana Ferreira Employee Relations Analyst 459-5425
Cristy Sorenson Employee Relations Analyst
Jessica Matson Employee Relations Analyst
Monica Gonzalez Employee Relations Analyst
Sophy Langton Employee Relations Analyst 459-4552
Cora Rodler
Employee Relations Analyst
Sydnie Vo
ELR Administrative Specialist
Business Administration, Policy, Projects & Resources (BAPPR) -  Mail Stop: SHR
Elvia Ontiveros BAPPR Manager
Drew Goings BAPPR Administrative Specialist
Alexiss Castaneda BAPPR HR Generalist (pt)
Eleene Olson BAPPR HR Generalist
Ryder Fletcher
Budget Analyst
Kevin O'Niell
Budget Analyst (pt)
Sterling Nicholson
Business Process Analyst
Detmar Finke BAPPR Web/Digital Communications Specialist
Georgina Francis BAPPR Student Assistant -
Jaicee Marshall BAPPR Student Assistant -
Jaspreet Kaur BAPPR Student Assistant -
Kristy Li BAPPR Student Assistant Co-Lead
Mary Ayanwale BAPPR Student Assistant -
Nhu Nguyen BAPPR Student Assistant -
Michael Pucci BAPPR Student Assistant -
Luke Sanchez BAPPR Student Assistant -
Teddy Danielson BAPPR Web Student Assistant -
Yashima Birly BAPPR Student Assistant Co-Lead -
Faith Galvan BAPPR Student Assistant -
HR Business Information Services (HR BIS) -  Mail Stop: SHR
Nathan McCall HR BIS Manager
Ken Shaw
HR BIS Analyst
Benefits  -  Mail Stop: Benefits Office | Fax: 459-3683
Joyce Tuttle Benefits Manager 459-2952
Kelly Roberts Benefits Assistant Manager
Disability Manager
David Ritz Disability Management Coordinator
Marianne McIvor Health Care Facilitator
Alexiss Castaneda HR Generalist (Primary)
Tess Waldo Benefits Operations Coordinator
Barbara Bullard Leave Coordinator 459-5463
Cammie Rodriguez Leave Coordinator -
Michael Bautista Leave Coordinator -
Michael Pisano Leave Assistant 459-1867
Faith Galvan Student Assistant -
Compensation & Classification -  email: | Mail Stop: SHR
Shelby Young Compensation, Classification & Policy Manager 459-2223
Karen Schloss Lead Compensation & Classification Analyst 459-1258
Benjamin Short
Lead Compensation & Classification Analyst
Kristin Mellon Senior Compensation & Classification Analyst
Victoria Iriberri
Senior Compensation & Classification Analyst
Laura Buchanan Senior Compensation & Classification Analyst
CruzPay Group
Beverly Cranford Senior CruzPay Analyst 459-1579
Mireya Uribe CruzPay Analyst 459-3328
Operations  -  Mail Stop: SHR-Service Teams
Fax: 459-2661
Robin Reid Operations Manager
Dana Michelosen Lead Service Specialist 459-2221
Katie Newman Lead Service Specialist
Melody Eldridge Lead Service Specialist
Brynne Huntting Service Specialist 459-5192
Clark Eldridge Service Specialist 459-1852
Jose Gaona Service Specialist
Leah Scott Service Specialist
Paula McCall Service Specialist 459-1394
Stephanie Sullivan Service Specialist
Dining Timekeepers
Talent Acquisition (TA)  -   Mail Stop: SHR | Services Offered
Talent Team General Assistance
Jennifer Jacobs Lead Talent Acquisition Admin Specialist
Jill Paydon Talent Acquisition Admin Specialist
Emily Payne Talent Acquisition Admin Specialist 459-3226
Open Lead Talent Acquisition Consultant
Jamie Levey Talent Acquisition Consultant
Genny Haid
Talent Acquisition Consultant
Roxanna Mata
Talent Acquisition Consultant
Greg Tavangar
Talent Acquisition Consultant
Zoe Sheppard
Talent Acquisition Consultant
John Liechty
Lead Talent Acquisition Recruiter
Amy Kile Assistant Talent Acquisition Manager
Colette Grey Talent Acquisition Manager
Learning & Development (L&D)  -   Mail Stop: SHR
Susan Burrowes Learning & Talent Development Manager
Open L&D Consultant
Silvia Austerlic L&D Organizational Communication Consultant
Irene Diaz Martinez L&D Coordinator
Alfred Garrett L&D Primary UC Learning Center Administrator
Michael Stephens L&D Training Consultant
Bella Freire L&D Student Assistant
Kaitlyn Francisco
L&D Student Assistant
Hamza Bassal L&D Student Assistant