Talent Acquisition Center

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Services Provided

  • Recruitment plan consultation
  • Creation and placement of recruitment advertising
  • Application processing
  • Online application tech support
  • Recruitment Management System (RMS) administration
  • Recruitment related policy and procedure consultation
  • Preferential rehire program administration
  • Formal job offers
  • PPS Online Entry Update (OEU)
  • Live Scan fingerprint results processing
  • Recruitment and employment related training
  • Outreach activities and applicant workshops
  • New Employee Onboarding


Employment verification requests go to the Financial Affairs Unit at: 831-459-4522. Since phone requests provide less information than written requests, refer to the Financial Affairs Records Request Guide for detailed procedures on how to submit an Employment Verification Request in writing.

Talent Acquisition Team Directory

Phone: (831) 459-2009
 459-3520  Mailstop: SHR
Physical Location: 100 Enterprise Way, Suite E100
Scotts Valley, California
Employment Verification
UCSC Accounting Services
459-4522 459-3702 (fax)
Recruitment Management
System Support
- rms-help@ucsc.edu
New Request/Job Offer Team - newRMSwork@ucsc.edu
Colette Grey
Talent Acquisition Manager
459-4332 ccgrey@ucsc.edu
Amy Kile
Assistant Talent Acquisition Manager
459-4076 ackile@ucsc.edu
John Liechty
Talent Acquisition Recruiter
459-2014 jliechty@ucsc.edu 
Chris Martinez
Talent Acquisition Recruiter
459-5320 cmart100@ucsc.edu 
Genny Haid
Talent Acquisition Consultant
459-3933 ghaid@ucsc.edu
Liz Massingill
Talent Acquisition Consultant
459-2092 emassing@ucsc.edu
Jamie Levey
Talent Acquisition Consultant
459-2012 jamie@ucsc.edu
Susan Feret
Talent Acquisition Admin Specialist
459-3934 sferet@ucsc.edu
Jennifer Jacobs
Talent Acquisition Admin Specialist
459-2009 jelejaco@uscs.edu
Katie Coverston
Talent Acquisition Admin Specialist
459-3226 kcoverst@ucsc.edu
Emily Lancaster
Talent Acquisition Student Assistant
- elancast@ucsc.edu

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