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Navigating our Site

Applicant Resources

If you click on the topics in the left navigation bar, you’ll find all the resources needed to support the services our team provides.

Under Applicant Resources, you’ll find tips and resources for applying to positions at UCSC, including:

  • A detailed How to Apply tutorial
  • Information about our bi-monthly Applicant Workshop facilitated by the Talent Acquisition team
  • Frequently Asked Questions about the application process

Employee Resources

In the Employee Resources section, review the new and returning employee requirements and browse some helpful resources as new employees begin their journey at UC Santa Cruz. This section includes:

  • Onboarding requirements for our for new, returning and continuing employees
  • An overview of the Hire Process Timeline, including requirements based on the type of employee and notifications related to pre-employment activities
  • Valuable information for our new employees provided in the Employee Toolkit

Hiring Manager and Search Committee Recources

  • The Fair Hiring Guide is a reference tool for anyone involved in conducing a staff recruitment
  • Under the Recruiting and Hiring Resources section, campus partners, Hiring Managers and search committee members can learn more about our Recruitment Process, Roles, Training, Advertising, and can find links to tools to utilize during the recruitment process


Services Provided

  • Job fairs, outreach & applicant workshops
  • Applicant inquiries, issues & tech support
  • Recruitment consultation
    • Recruitment records
    • Recruitment plans & strategies
    • Recruitment related policy & procedure
      • Fair Hiring practices
      • Interviewing best practices
  • Application processing
  • Recruitment & hiring related training for Supervisors/Hiring Committees
  • Preferential Rehire & Reassignment consultation
  • Recruitment advertising
  • Job offers
  • New and returning employee onboarding

For assistance with specific services for hiring units:

Got Questions? Join our drop in office hours every Thursday from 11:00 - 12:00 pm. You can find the ZOOM link in the RDS instructions - a link to the instructions is available in all of the RDS forms for active recruitments. 

See the Locate your TA Consultant page for:

  • Recruitment plans & strategies

  • Fair Hiring

  • Interviewing best practices

  • Job offer inquiries

  • Recruitment Document Suite

Contact hiring@ucsc.edu for:

  • Applicant support

  • Job Fairs & Applicant Workshops

  • General questions about the recruiting process and/or recruiting tools

  • Request to release additional applications

  • New and returning employee onboarding

  • Recruitment records   

Contact staffads@ucsc.edu for:

  • Advertising inquiries

For Recruiting Requests and Job Offers:

  • Job Opening Request Form - Used by the hiring unit to request a new job opening (open recruitment, campus only recruitment, non-recruitment, waiver of recruitment) and to identify selected candidate(s).
  • Position Control Request Form - Use this form to create a new position or update an existing position for UCPath. Positions track details for a specific job in a specific department, location, union, and funding source regardless of whether an incumbent exists.
  • Existing IT Requests in ServiceNow - Select "Ticket Status" to see your open requests.

Contact the Background Check Team for:

  • Background check inquiries

  • LiveScan Coordination

Contact Amy Kile for:

  • Preferential rehires/Reassignments

  • Recruitment related policy

Contact Colette Grey for:

  • Inquiries regarding Search Firms

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