Talent Acquisition Center

Phone:  (831) 459-2009 Fax:  (831) 459-3520   Mailstop:  SHR
Location:  100 Enterprise Way, Suite E100, Scotts Valley

Services Provided

  • Job Fairs, Outreach & Applicant Workshops 
  • Recruitment consultation
    • Recruitment records
    • Recruitment plans & strategies
    • Recruitment related policy & procedure
    • Fair Hiring practices
    • Interviewing best practices
  • Applicant inquiries & tech support
  • Application processing
  • Recruitment & hiring related training for Supervisors/Hiring Committees
  • Preferential Rehire & Reassignment consultation
  • Recruitment advertising
  • Job offers
  • New Employee Onboarding

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Applicant support

  • Password support
  • Application support
  • Status updates

Job Fairs & Applicant Workshops

New employee onboarding

Talent Acquisition Admin

Recruitment requests

  • New job requests
  • Job offer requests
  • Advertising requests
  • Request to release applications

Recruitment records


Recruitment consultation & inquiries

  • Recruitment plans & strategies
  • Fair Hiring
  • Interviewing best practices
  • Job offer inquiries
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Background check inquiries/LiveScan Coordination


Preferential rehires\Reassignments

DA training

Amy Kile

Recruitment related policy

Search firms

Amy Kile
Colette Grey

Talent Acquisition Team Directory

Jennifer Jacobs
Talent Acquisition Admin Specialist
459-2009 jelejaco@ucsc.edu
Molly Meehan
Talent Acquisition Admin Specialist
Jill Paydon
Talent Acquisition Admin Specialist
459-3520 jpaydon@ucsc.edu
Susan Feret
Talent Acquisition Admin Specialist
459-3934 sferet@ucsc.edu
Zoe Rokstad-Wilschinsky
Talent Acquisition Coordinator
459-1772 zrokstad@ucsc.edu
Liz Massingill
Talent Acquisition  Consultant
459-2092 emassing@ucsc.edu
Jamie Levey
Talent Acquisition  Consultant
459-2012 jamie@ucsc.edu
Genny Haid
Talent Acquisition Admin Specialist
459-3933 ghaid@ucsc.edu
John Liechty
Talent Acquisition Recruiter
459-2014 jliechty@ucsc.edu 
Chris Martinez
Talent Acquisition Recruiter
459-5320 cmart100@ucsc.edu 
Colette Grey
Talent Acquisition Manager
459-4332 ccgrey@ucsc.edu
Amy Kile
Assistant Talent Acquisition Manager
459-4076 ackile@ucsc.edu


ACADEMIC EMPLOYMENT Academic Personnel Office
Phone: 831-459-4300  Fax: 831-459-4473

Phone: 831-459-4420  Fax: 831-459-3860

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