Talent Acquisition

Employment Verification: Refer to the Employment verification links at the Financial Affairs site. Talent Acquisition does not manage employment verifications and will not forward requests for employment verification.

Services Provided

  • Job fairs, outreach & applicant workshops
  • Applicant inquiries, issues & tech support
  • Recruitment consultation
    • Recruitment records
    • Recruitment plans & strategies
    • Recruitment related policy & procedure
      • Fair Hiring practices
      • Interviewing best practices
  • Application processing
  • Recruitment & hiring related training for Supervisors/Hiring Committees
  • Preferential Rehire & Reassignment consultation
  • Recruitment advertising
  • Job offers
  • New and returning employee onboarding

For assistance with specific services, please see contact information below.

See the Locate your TA Consultant page for:

  • Recruitment plans & strategies

  • Fair Hiring

  • Interviewing best practices

  • Job offer inquiries

  • Recruitment Document Suite

Contact hiring@ucsc.edu for:

  • Applicant support

  • Job Fairs & Applicant Workshops

  • General questions about the recruiting process and/or recruiting tools

  • Request to release additional applications

  • New and returning employee onboarding

  • Recruitment records   

Contact staffads@ucsc.edu for:

  • Advertising inquiries

For Recruiting Requests and Job Offers:

  • Job Opening Request Form - Used by the hiring unit to request a new job opening (open recruitment, campus only recruitment, non-recruitment, waiver of recruitment) and to identify selected candidate(s).
  • Position Control Request Form - Use this form to create a new position or update an existing position for UCPath. Positions track details for a specific job in a specific department, location, union, and funding source regardless of whether an incumbent exists.
  • Existing IT Requests in ServiceNow - Select "Ticket Status" to see your open requests.

Contact the Background Check Team for:

  • Background check inquiries

  • LiveScan Coordination

Contact Amy Kile for:

  • Preferential rehires/Reassignments

  • Recruitment related policy

Contact Colette Grey for:

  • Inquiries regarding Search Firms

Staff HR Talent Acquisition Office Information
Phone: (831) 459-2009
Fax: (831) 459-3520
Mailstop: SHR
Office Location:  100 Enterprise Way, Suite E100, Scotts Valley, CA 95066
Mailing Address: SHR Talent Acquisition, 1156 High Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95064

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